There is a Place for You

By Shantel Nelson  Tidings  April 2017

Jeff and Jonna Polk

Imagine being in church and feeling so alone. It’s like being lost in the middle of a sea of people. Upon the dismissal of service, you see other people laughing, smiling, calling each other by name and enjoying conversations. You find yourself wishing that you could connect with friends after service, too. Without that connection, you hurry out of the church to locate your car and drive home to get ready for the next Sunday only to do it all over again. We, as an Asbury family, never want you to feel that way; the Asbury team has gone to great lengths to design The Discipleship Pathway with you in mind.

This amazing strategy truly exemplifies the scripture Galatians 6:10 where it reads “Therefore as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” Discipleship Pathway has positively impacted countless numbers of people. Amongst those people are Jeff and Jonna Polk, who serve as leaders with The Discipleship Pathway. Being involved has allowed this couple many opportunities to grow, learn and serve in ways they never could imagine including inviting others to their home for fellowship, and hosting dessert/coffee socials as one of the Discipleship Pathway opportunities. With much passion in her voice, Jonna had this to share, “Discipleship Pathway seems to make our large church smaller. The diversity of those with whom we serve and have met through Discipleship has allowed us the opportunity to connect with people across generations and backgrounds. It warms my heart after church service to see so many people I really know. This initiative is designed so well, no matter if you are a longtime believer, new believer, or not a believer; everyone feels comfortable and connected. When you serve, you benefit so much. I absolutely love serving in this capacity with Jeff and everyone else on the team – they are so committed.”

It brings the Polks great joy as they reflect on the wonderful relationships they have developed during their tenure with Discipleship Pathway. Out of those relationships, Jeff wanted to highlight one that truly warmed his heart, “After leading our second group, I remember Greg and Wendy, who at the time didn’t feel plugged in with the church, but they took the first step in becoming a part of Discipleship Pathway. To look at how engaged they have become is exciting to see. They not only got connected but joined the church as well. Now I see them consistently coming to courses and participating on a Serve2 team.. They are also reaching out and encouraging others, too.  I consider this a huge win for the Body of Christ.”

In the words of John Hagee, “The measure of a man’s greatness is not the number of servants he has, but the number of people he serves.” Through The Discipleship Pathway, it has allowed Jeff and Jonna Polk the opportunity to give their gift of service to many.  It is our responsibility as Christians to bring others to Christ, and The Discipleship Pathway is an opportunity to connect, learn and serve.

My brothers and sisters, it does not matter what season you are in or how long you have been attending Asbury; there is a place for you. We ask you to take the first step and join The Discipleship Pathway; we will welcome you with open arms.