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All Adult Communities

We were created for community and it is our desire to help you connect to Asbury through an adult discipleship community. We invite you to find a community to encourage you in your ongoing development toward wholeness and spiritual maturity. Adult discipleship communities are adult classes that meet on Sunday mornings at 8:00, 9:15 and 11:00. If you need help connecting, please contact Pam Wallace or 918.492.1771.

Chain Breakers

Meet Every Sunday, 9:15 am at Asbury's Venue

We are a new young adult community, open for anyone looking for connection! Mostly 20s-30s, but all are welcome. We have people of all backgrounds and all stages of life. We are a group of people running towards Jesus and figuring out how to live out the Gospel in our everyday lives. We have fresh teaching and fun social events, and we pair with Rooted and Covenant to make up the Young Adult Ministry. We would love for you to join us and see if it is the right place for you!

Single B.A.S.I.X.

Meet Every Sunday, 11:00 am at Asbury's Room 2500

Single Brothers and Sisters in Christ is a community of singles 55 years and older, but we welcome singles of all ages. When you visit or belong to our community, we hope that you will feel the support we each need from the church family. We believe that God has a plan for our lives, and that along our journey together, we will help one another become the person that God knows we can be. 

Salt & Light

Meet Every Sunday, 11:00 am at Asbury's Room 2201

Come be a part of this fantastic community that promotes healthy relationships for single adults in a safe, Christ-centered environment. Our active social calendar includes many fun activities that are also supportive of single parents. Activities include lake day, monthly game night, BBQ’s, road trips and much more. Through the Word of God, Salt and Light focuses not only on scripture but also personal growth, divorce healing, safe people, boundaries and building healthy relationships. Monthly we invite dynamic speakers to speak on biblical and relational topics built around the Christian walk as a single person. We encourage you to visit our community and come see what Salt and Light are all about. Contact us at



Meet Every Sunday, 11:00 am at Asbury's Family Room

Seekers are a vibrant class of prayer warriors seeking to learn and live in Christ. We are married, single, employed, retired, grandparents, young at heart at 50, and young in spirit at 80. Our members are generous in spirit and monetarily. Joy abounds in meeting needs of extended family when the need arises. Additionally, fun and fellowship are at the top of the list for Seekers, tools that manifest family and friendships. We travel together by car, bus, train, in states and out, enjoy our socials whether it is an exotic movie, a picnic in the park, or participating in the Amazing Race event. Women and couples have formed marathon bridge groups, golf outings and ROMEO (retired old men eating out), to name a few. Seekers are young at heart and young in actions.

New Beginnings Class (NBC)

Meet Every Sunday, 11:00 am at Asbury's Room 1506

A ‘Rock’ solid family of mature Christians who thirst after the Word, growing in our knowledge of God and His love with in-depth study of the books of the Bible, as well as active involvement in several Asbury mission projects. As a strong family, we are aware of each others’ needs and try to see that those needs are met. We love to have fun too—one might say we are an ‘experience!’ Whether you are a beginner in the Word or a ‘mature’ Christian, come grow with us! 


Meet Every Sunday, 11:00 am at Asbury's Room 1335

“Sailing for Christ” is the Mariner’s motto. Come sail with us as we learn God’s Word from our excellent teachers. We are a community of couples and singles, working and retired, caring people. We enjoy fellowship and social activities. Many of us volunteer within Asbury as well as outside of the church.  

Happy Christians

Meet Every Sunday, 11:00 am at Asbury's Room 2818

The Happy Christians are a close-knit family, always ready to embrace new members and make them feel part of the group. We enjoy coffee and treats every Sunday and socials four or five times each year. We have monthly dinners in groups of eight. We are a loving, caring group, and we are prayer warriors. Our teacher, John Miller, has taught our community class since 1978 and always delivers a meaningful, well thought-out message.  

Friends in Christ (Adults with special needs)

Meet Every Sunday, 11:00 am at Asbury's Room 1507

Friends in Christ is a class designed for people with special needs and their caregivers. Anyone who has a heart for people with special needs is welcome. We spend time praising God, discuss prayer requests and then we have an interactive Bible study geared to be understood on multiple levels. We also have socials on occasion to have fun and get to know each other better. If you have questions about whether this might be a fit for you or your family member, please feel free to email Deborah Bradshaw at

Family Fellowship

Meet Every Sunday, 11:00 am at Asbury's Room 1504

A community of couples and singles whose special emphasis is on Bible study and mission work, with a variety of teachers in an open-discussion format. Beyond Sunday mornings, we enjoy monthly socials, small group dinners, men’s and women’s Bible studies and local mission work.


Meet Every Sunday, 11:00 am at Asbury's Room 2319

An active group that enjoys biblical teaching shared by a team. All members are encouraged to participate in a small group Bible study outside of class with other Faithbuilder members. Frequent participation in local and world mission programs is a hallmark of this group. Members enjoy fellowship through class sponsored socials and small group dinners. 

Christians for Life

Meet Every Sunday, 11:00 am at Asbury's Room 1508

As “empty nesters,” the “sandwich generation” and/or grandparents, we focus on small groups, participating in local and global outreach, and fun activities. Come join this fun group of marrieds and singles for in-depth relevant Bible-based teaching on a variety of current topics along with dynamic praise and worship as we prepare for the next phase of life.

Christian Explorers

Meet Every Sunday, 11:00 am at Asbury's Room 1502

We are a group of adults like a large, caring family that is very mission oriented. We enjoy periodic socials so that we can get to know each other better. We love fun, fellowship, and Jesus Christ. We all have grown children and most of us have grandchildren. When someone in our class is in need, we all offer help as needed. We have participated in the following outreach programs: Exodus House, Senior Adult Seed Project, John 3:16 Mission, Good Samaritan, Pearl's Hope, Redemption Dinner, Operation Hope, and many others that happen during the year.


Wesley Community

Meet Every Sunday, 9:15 am at Asbury's Room 1335

“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can”- John Wesley (founder of the Methodist Church). We strive to fulfill this quote through study of the Word, service to our community and social interaction. Class dynamic includes nuclear, blended and single family homes, most with children, ranging in age from birth to young adults.

Storm Shelter

Meet Every Sunday, 9:15 am at Asbury's Room 2314

We’re a fun-loving group of singles and couples who are lighthearted yet serious about God's truth. We enjoy game nights, movie nights, parties and float trips. As imperfect people coming to learn to better ourselves, we have a wide range of wisdom and life experience. Lessons based on open discussion. 


Meet Every Sunday, 9:15 am at Asbury's Room 1502

We are a community of enthusiastic believers who focus on strengthening our connections with God, each other, and our community through fellowship, discipleship and Bible study. The Rooted community consists primarily of engaged/recently married couples (1 month - 10 years) with a mix of kiddos ranging from newborn to pre-school and plenty of four-legged furry babies. Striving to be a generation of influence, we develop spiritual growth and renewal by offering a variety of lesson topics and styles. We engage in opportunities to grow closer as a community of faith through monthly social activities (game nights, bowling, cookouts, and guys/girls nights), service/outreach events, and quarterly rotating small group dinners with 3-4 couples. We also provide breakfast each Sunday morning. As our roots grow deeper into Christ, we are able to experience the fullness of God (Colossians 2:6-7 & Ephesians 3:17-19). We look forward to welcoming you to Rooted! 

For more information email Sara Rogers at

Praise & Worship

Meet Every Sunday, 9:15 am at Asbury's Room 1504

Come grow with this blend of singles and couples interested in discovering God’s teaching relevant to discipleship, family and missions. Responding to God’s call on our lives, we mix fun social events with local outreach programs and Asbury ministries. Music and songs of praise begin each Sunday session, and we close with a circle of prayer time. 


Meet Every Sunday, 9:15 am at Asbury's Room 2201

As couples and singles with children who are still at home, in college or are grown, we welcome you to join our friendly, fun-loving group as we experience Living in Christ (LinC) together with Bible-based lessons led by teachers within and external to our community. We enjoy in-home small group Bible studies, social activities and monthly outreach events. 


Meet Every Sunday, 9:15 am at Asbury's Room 2319

We are a community of believers formed around service to others, specifically children’s ministry along with our teenage children. We are very active with our kids in leading student ministry small groups, traveling with them on mission trips, sending goodie bags to our college kids, having prayer breakfasts, hosting a Christmas “talent” show and doing service projects together, just to name a few of the things we do. One of our favorite service projects each year is Special Olympics. We do everything from starting the events, timing the athletes, to passing out ribbons. We are also committed to assembling holiday meals, sorting gifts for the Youth at Heart families and participating in Asbury’s Day of Service. We also have several men’s and women’s small groups that meet weekly. We are very fortunate that John and Marti Curzon are our class teachers. They always have a great lesson to share with us each week. Please come join us!

Deaf Perceptions

Meet Every Sunday, 9:15 am at Asbury's Room 1506

Deaf Perceptions is not meeting: June 19-July 24

God gave us all special gifts. We glorify His Name in sign language. Deaf or hard-of-hearing, please join us on Sunday mornings. Hearing people welcome. 


Meet Every Sunday, 9:15 am at Asbury's Room 2500

We are a community for young couples and individuals sharing life together. Our class varies in age from 20s to 40s with a range of children between newborns and teens. We have a rotating variety of strong Godly teachers who challenge us to strengthen our faith and our marriages. We encourage each other to become better followers of Christ for our children and community. Whether attending monthly social events, Bible studies, mission activities, or worship service, we are a vibrant group who enjoy laughing and learning together. Come join us! 

Christ Centered Singles

Meet Every Sunday, 9:15 am at Asbury's Room 1507

We are a community of single adults determined to faithfully follow Christ in devotion to Bible study, Christian fellowship, prayer and compassionate outreach. In addition to our weekly Sunday morning gathering, we are active socially and participate in mission outreach while being committed to a safe environment for fellowship and spiritual growth.



Meet Every Wednesday, 6:30 pm at Asbury's Room 1507

Do you want to be involved in a discipleship community, but Sundays just don’t work for you? Join us Wednesdays, Child care available, following Union school calendar.

Believers Community

Meet Every Sunday, 9:15 am at Asbury's Family Room

Believers Community welcomes people from all generations, both married or single, who seek to know Christ more fully and seeks to develop significant lives in Christ. We support Operation Hope Prison Ministries, Holiday food baskets, Habitat for Humanity, Cookson Hills Missions, Asbury Youth Missions, Tanzania missionaries, Youth at Heart and Project Transformation among other outward focused causes. We are a friendly growing community that warmly welcomes all guests. 

Note: Our meeting space is an excellent location for those with mobility challenges. 

The Ark

Meet Every Sunday, 9:15 am at Asbury's Room 1508

A fun and caring community consisting of married couples, most with young families seeking to serve the Lord and support each other in our Christian walk as couples, parents and followers of Christ. Our community enjoys Bible-based learning, small groups, family fellowship activities, social outings and service to others, both locally and globally. 


Meet Every Sunday, 8:00 am at Asbury's Room 2500

This class focuses on members’ common interest in the inductive form of Bible study, with an interactive teaching that is always open to questions and group discussion.  We study complete books of the Bible with an emphasis on answering these three questions: 

  1. What does the passage say? 
  2. What does it mean? 
  3. How is that meaning to be lived out in our daily lives? 

If in-depth Bible study is important to you, give us a try. This is what makes us unique. We also place strong emphasis on missions and actively support an indigenous pastor and his ministry in Myanmar. We are mostly people with grandchildren; both singles and couples.


Meet Every Sunday, 8:00 am at Asbury's Room 1508

A loving, faithful group who learn through scripture and thoughtful discussion. Committed to Jesus’ commandment, “Love each other,” members are active in 30-plus ministries. Members are married, single, working and many retired. Socials include weekly Tuesday dinners. Please join us.