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Step 3: Learn2

Step 3 of our Discipleship Pathway is our Learn2:

Written approximately 2,000 years ago, the Bible is the most important and influential book in history. Yet in all of the centuries that have passed, none of its contents have ever been found inaccurate, and even today these words are relevant and life-changing.  As you are studying the Bible you will come to have a strong foundation of its trustworthiness, history, relevance and authority.

By continuing to grow through these courses and personal study, you will develop both personally and spiritually. The Learn2 courses meet twice a month for three months. We offer a wide variety of topics that all have a biblical foundation. 

Learn2 Courses: Meet twice a month for three months and cover a broad range of topics:

Learn2 Courses for Spring 2017!

9:15 Courses

Awaken Your Influence
Everyone leads in some arena of life whether we realize it or not. Let’s explore our areas of influence from a biblical perspective and grow in our own leadership development.
Room 2820. Co-Teachers: Todd Craig, Lynne Flynn, Tommy Keeter, Delise Tomlinson and Jeff Wilkie

Preparing for Adolescence
Helping parents and kids come together to prepare for the challenges of the preteen world and learn to share the adventure and thrive together.
Room 2945. Co-Teachers: Betty Higgins, Marsha Baker, Bonny Coats, Mark Fowler
For preteens ages 10 yrs - 6th grade plus a parent or guardian.

Foundations of the Bible
Do you feel lost or confused by the Bible? This course will help you get your bearings and gain confidence in your understanding of the Scriptures.
Room 2901. Co-Teachers: Pastor Dick Read, Sarah Pradhan & David Read

Blueprint for Couples
Strengthen your marriage using tools to help you accept your differences, build intimacy, resolve conflict, and pursue Jesus together. Sponsored by Asbury Marriage Ministry
Room 2821. Co-Teachers: Scott & Kelly Luttenberg, and Michael & Traci Owen

11:00 Courses

The Way to Freedom in Christ
The Bible reveals we can know God in a personal way through Jesus Christ. Explore this ‘way to freedom’ and the personal nature of God as Creator, Savior and Abiding Spirit.
Room 2820. Co-Teachers: Dr. Sam Thorpe & Pastor Gloria Denton



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