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Step 2: Disciple Orientation

Step 2 of our Discipleship Pathway is our Disciple Orientation.

Disciple Orientation is a five-week course with three main goals and starts the week after the Welcome Brunch:

  • To deepen your understanding of God's story and your place within in
  • To connect you with others, with a pastor and with Learn2Serve2
  • To walk you through the membership process

Each week will focus on one part of God's story and one connection:

Week 1:

Focus on the beginning, end and center of God's story and help you connect to Asbury's online portal,

Week 2:

Tell God's story from Adam to Eve to David, and you will be invited to enjoy a meal or cup of coffee with a member of the Disciple Orientation team.

Week 3:

Talk about Jesus and we will help you setup an appointment to connect with one of our pastors so you can sit down and really get to know them one on one.

Week 4:

Learn about discipleship and the beginning of the church. We will also help you find and join a Serve2 team.

Week 5:

Discuss the Methodist tradition and Asbury's story. At this point we will help you register for your first Learn2 course.

* Remember before you can enroll in the Disciple Orientation course, you must first register for the Welcome Brunch.

* Upcoming Dates for Disciple Orientation are September 25, November 13 and January 15.