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Difference Makers

August 14 - September 24, 2017
Having a positive influence in challenging situations. Get the most from this study of the book of Daniel with the sermon journal’s daily scripture readings and weekly devotionals.

For Good

April 23 - May 28, 2017
The Church is often accused of being an anti-organization. People know what we are against even more than they know what we are for. In this series, we are exploring six areas where we can affirm we are unmistakably “For Good.”


March 5 - April 16, 2017
We often talk about Jesus, but spend less time actually studying Him, observing how He lived, what He said and considering how we are called to obey Him and walk with Him in daily relationship. Beginning with Ash Wednesday and leading to the celebration of Easter, we will look at the remarkable person of Jesus as recorded in Mark’s Gospel. 

Helping Others Follow Jesus

February 5 - March 4, 2017
In the month of February, Pastor Tom is sharing his great passion for our church to be intent on "helping others follow Jesus." It's more than a slogan or vision statement-- it represents the purpose of every person who follows Jesus and for our church together. 

You Are Loved

January 1 - February 4, 2017
Pastor Tom wanted to start out the year emphasizing LOVE— God’s love for us and our invitation to love others. The call to love God and love others is something we never graduate from. At a time when many of us are thinking about self-improvement, we are sharing the good news that regardless of how well we fulfill (or fail to fulfill) our New Year’s Resolutions, we are loved. 

In God We Tru$t

October 31 - November 20, 2016
This November, we’ll hear about what God has done, and focus on why we should all invest generously in His Kingdom through our time, prayers, talents and finances. Not only can we be a blessing to others, being godly stewards causes us to be blessed tremendously as well.


September 26 - October 30, 2016
When it came to prayer, Jesus told His disciples to “Ask and it will be given to you; Seek and you will find; Knock and the door will be opened to you.” This series will guide you through some of the different kinds of prayers in Scripture: prayer of examination, prayer of surrender, prayer of adoration, prayer of supplication, and prayer of intercession.



August 3 - September 25, 2016
Inspired by 1 Peter 1:1 (…“to God’s elect, strangers in the world…”), Outsiders examines what it means to be a Christian in today’s society, and in that context, how to remain true to our beliefs and our God.

What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do

July 29 - August 2, 2016
In this five-week study from the book of Proverbs, King Solomon offers mic-dropping wisdom 140 characters at a time. Solomon’s words are so simple that people often overlook them—but making complex ideas simple was his inspired genius. Proverbs gives us Solomon’s brilliant road map for life—principled wisdom that helps us know what to do when we don’t know what to do.


June 1 - June 28, 2016
Mixtapes originated in the ‘60s and became popular in the ‘80s especially among youth who created them as gifts for others, with songs carefully selected to convey a message. Today, people of all ages make compilations or playlists to suit every occasion, such as driving, working out, studying and celebrating, or to voice a mood. Yet, this is not a modern practice. The greatest mixtape of all time is tucked inside our Bible, King David’s mixtape and Israel’s hymn book—the book of Psalms. David felt and understood the breadth and depth of all human feelings in all situations and was able to create a collection of songs that speak to a person’s various emotions, and give them expression. Because David’s mixtape captures every aspect of our life with God, it is a gift to all people for all time. David’s mixtape translates into a mixtape for everyone.