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Who We Help

Who We Help

Each year the generous spirit of donors makes the work of the Asbury Foundation and our ministries possible. This generosity is evident in countless ways, including financial support. Gifts can be designated to a specific ministry or left undesignated to meet future needs as determined by Asbury’s leadership. Through your generosity, you can secure the future of our church’s ministry for tomorrow’s youth and adults.

General Endowment

These funds are used anywhere within Asbury United Methodist Church most likely for special outreach programs. There may be a problem with the facility that requires funding, and the Foundation may use funds from the General Endowment to provide assistance. However, the General Endowment Fund is not used for day-to-day operations of Asbury United Methodist Church.

Special Endowments

Funds included in special endowments are used for specific areas of ministry focus; the need may be identified by the church, recommended by the donor, or contributed for a specific purpose. For more information on examples of special endowments, click below:

Adult Ministries

Adult ministries at Asbury encompasses a variety of ages, interests and needs within the adult community of Asbury United Methodist Church.

Men’s Ministry

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. 1 Corinthians 16:13. The men’s ministry at Asbury provides many opportunities for men to serve others while showing the love of Jesus Christ. The men provide car care and home improvement for single moms and widows of the Asbury community, attend an annual retreat and engage in Mission work both at home and away. The ministry allows for men of the church to get to know each other and develop relationships that will last a lifetime, while strengthening their walk with Christ.

Women’s Ministry

Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God? John 11:40
The women’s ministry believes they are called of God to develop a body of women who are fully committed to God both in relationship and lifestyle. The women of Asbury reach out to new parents at Asbury through bundle of joy ministry - an ongoing ministry providing “baby gift bags” to new parents; and to senior adults through service to seniors – An ongoing ministry assisting senior adults in need of help with smaller odd jobs, etc., around the home. They host two annual fund raising events to provide assistance to the Circle of Care ministries Child S.H.A.R.E. program and the mission fund. In addition, women are invited to attend an annual spring retreat and an annual worship and outreach service which offer spiritual development, encouragement and fellowship.

Singles Ministry

Jesus replies to them, “Have faith in God.” Mark 11:22
The mission of Asbury singles is to provide a safe and inviting Christian environment, and an exemplary ministry that allows the opportunity for personal and spiritual development for single adults of all ages. The singles ministry endeavors to help single adults embrace God’s love for them and assist in their growth toward a personal relationship with Christ through spiritual awareness and accountability and will provide resources that assist in solving life's problems through prayer, education and spiritual support. Singles at Asbury are offered a place to belong and the opportunity to develop strong Christian relationships through worship, service and fellowship.

Senior Adults Ministry

I will praise you with an upright heart as I learn your righteous laws. Psalm 119:7
The ministry for the senior adults of Asbury believes God is calling them to extend His love in concrete ways not only to those within our church but also to the unchurched senior adults in our community. These goals are accomplished through prayer, study and other activities, with the anticipation of God’s blessing and a renewed relationship with Jesus Christ. The results of this emphasis will include spiritual growth and fellowship for senior adults inside and outside the church. The senior adults of Asbury participate in several service projects during the year including working with the Cookson Hills Mission, collecting vegetable seeds and school supplies, and are developing a project with the Boys Ranch in Gore.

Prayer Ministry

“My House shall be called a House of Prayer”. Matthew 21:13
The prayer ministry mission is that Asbury will become a prayer-saturated church by assisting every believer in experiencing an intimate relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ, expressed through a life devoted to believing prayer both individually and corporately. The Prayer ministry is a place for the Asbury community to bring their prayer needs as well as a place for the body to corporately pray over mission trips, pastors, and specific areas of emphasis within the church. The prayer ministry provides quiet places to pray throughout the Asbury campus as well as people who can pray with those in need.

Bill Elliott Music Scholarship

“Joyful, talented, determined; an inspiration; one of the finest volunteers in the land.” Those words were used in 1990 to describe Bill Elliott as he was presented the Silver Buffalo Award, the highest honor bestowed by the Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts only confirmed what the Asbury family had already discovered; Bill Elliott was a rare treasure who possessed the ability to lead, guide and motivate. Bill Elliott left a legacy of courage and commitment. He is part of Asbury’s great heritage. The Bill Elliott Music Scholarship Fund is for undergraduate students studying Christian education or music. Priority will be given to Asbury United Methodist Church members, but the scholarship will not be limited to those students.

Bill Mason Scholarship Fund

The word "Pastor" evokes images of someone who guides, nurtures, gives vision and solidly leads a congregation as they seek to know and serve God. Pastors are critical to the development and growth of churches that honor God. Churches that honor God are critical to the wellbeing of our families and therefore our country. Asbury Theological Seminary (ATS) seeks to train pastors who will develop healthy, growing churches that honor God and shine His light to a dark world.

The Bill Mason Scholarship Fund, set up in honor of Bill Mason, who successfully and faithfully served as the Senior Pastor of Asbury United Methodist Church for 29 years, is a permanent endowment that will support the seminary education of pastoral candidates attending Asbury Theological Seminary (ATS). Because the stated beliefs of ATS are consistent with those of Asbury United Methodist Church, donors are assured that the intent of the fund will be protected over the long term. Priority will be given to Asbury United Methodist Church members, but the scholarship will not be limited to those students.

Children and Student Ministries

Spreading the message of God’s faithfulness to the children and youth of Asbury, ensures that future generations will know God and experience His many promises for their lives. And, as the children grow into young adults, it becomes important to teach them how to handle life now and in their future. In children’s ministry, it is their mission to equip and assist families in laying spiritual foundations with the hope that all children will come to know, to love, and to follow Jesus. In Asbury’s student ministries, youth are connected with other believers, empowering them to grow in their faith and equipping them to live lives that honor GOD. The Children and Student Ministry Endowment Funds will enable Asbury to fund various outreach projects. Below is just a small sample of the projects in which Asbury teaches children to follow in the example of Jesus Christ.

Summer Outreach

Summer outreach programs allow Asbury to reach out to the less fortunate children of our community. These children will see and experience the love of Jesus Christ first hand through the volunteer efforts of the church body.

Inter-Generational Missions and Student Mission Trips

God’s word calls us to evangelism - whether it be at home or on foreign soil. Asbury understands the financial obligation involved in funding mission trips, and the Endowment Funds for both children and students will make it possible for youth and entire families to participate in the mission field.


Retreats are a chance for students to escape the pressures of their everyday life and worship and fellowship with other young believers. This is a chance for the youth to truly focus on finding out what God has in store for their lives and the Student Endowment fund makes the retreat available to everyone, despite their financial situations.

Establishing a New Endowment

Endowed Gifts

An endowment is a sizable fund of money that the Asbury Foundation invests to produce interest income. While the endowment’s principal remains untouched, the annual returns fund an array of ministries and programs including music, missions, children and youth ministries. An endowment allows your gift to make a difference every year and to grow over time. An endowment can be designated for a specific ministry or can simply be a part of the Foundation’s General Endowment Funds. The gift to create the endowment can be made from stock, life insurance, real estate or other assets.

Endowed Scholarship

A financial endowment is a transfer of money or property donated to the Asbury Foundation, with the stipulation that it be invested, and the principal remains intact in perpetuity or for a defined time period. An endowed scholarship is tuition (and possibly other costs) assistance that is permanently paid for with the revenue of the financial endowment specifically set up for that purpose. Endowed scholarships may be funded with a tax-deductible, charitable contribution of cash or securities (an outright gift), or they may also be established through a variety of planned gifts such as: bequest through one’s will or trust, life insurance policy, or retirement plan. The Asbury Foundation currently manages two endowed scholarship funds: The Bill Mason Scholarship Fund, which provides assistance to pastoral candidates at ATS and the Bill Elliott Music Scholarship Fund, which provides assistance to music students at the University of Tulsa.


From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. Luke 12:48b

Global Outreach

The theology of global outreach is based on the directive Jesus gave His disciples to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything He commanded. Global outreach has four focus areas: Caspian area, Estonia, Latin American, and Kami - Tanzania. The Kami people of Tanzania were the first unreached people adoption, and the Central Asia people are the second group adopted. Seminary education is a major key in Central America and Estonia. All of our short-term mission teams known as Volunteers in Mission (VIM) are related to our focus areas. At least one team a year goes to these areas to maintain our relationships and partnership.

Oklahoma Outreach

Oklahoma outreach involves the state of Oklahoma with endeavors reaching beyond the needs of the local congregation. The purpose of Oklahoma outreach is to fulfill the Great Commission by proclaiming and developing an awareness of the Person and Gospel of Jesus Christ, making disciples and relating to the whole need of mankind, both spiritual and physical. Currently, Oklahoma outreach helps support over 30 mission areas financially and through volunteer service. It is through the full dedication and participation of the membership of Asbury that allows the commands of Christ to be honored.