Family Camp: An Important Step in Asbury's Village

By Lucienda Denson  Tidings  April 2017 

Ginny Martin can’t say enough good things about AsburyKids Family Camp. “My husband, Jason, and I have two children. Ty, our son, is 11 and in 6th grade” Ginny said “Our daughter, Laci, is 8 and is in 3rd grade,” said Ginny. This will be...

Noah's Ark, and All Those Animals

By Andrea Stephens  Tidings  April 2017 

If you have never seen the awesome mural that covers the walls of the first floor children’s area, now is the time to pay a visit. With the upcoming church renovation project, this very fine artwork will be gone but never forgotten. It is the...

"Perceptions" for All Generations

By Gini McFarland  Tidings  April 2017 

When I asked my daughter, Presley what she liked about the “Perceptions” book, she said she liked that each page is a different story with each a different meaning. Some of Presley’s favorite stories are “Ruby Bridges Hall” and “Despicable Me.”

Waiting Experts

By Marsha Baker  Tidings  October 2016 

Waiting... no matter how difficult or scary it is, is worth it when you are following God’s plan. You could call Isaiah and Tiffany Edison waiting experts. From the day they met the little girl God had planned to be their daughter in Uganda, it...

Meet the New Director of Children's Ministry

By Shantel Nelson  Tidings  July 2016 

Asbury Children’s Ministry is beginning a new time with a new director. Marsha Baker is returning to Asbury after having served as the director of an orphanage in Africa alongside her husband Bobby. Some Asburians may remember Marsha when she was...

Thankful to be Part of God's Village

By Brooke Condry  Tidings  March 2016 

I grew up in a small town in the Texas Panhandle where I attended a small United Methodist Church. My pastor was my dear friend’s father, the organist the grandmother of a classmate. We all knew one another; we were all family.

Children's Ministry... An Amazingly Rewarding Adventure!

By Margie Kirkendall  Tidings  March 2016 

CJ Novak joined Asbury in 1994 and has been volunteering in children’s ministry for the past three years, partly because of her three children, John (9), Sam (4), and Olivia (3). She began helping with the 5 and 6-year olds and then moved to...

"Growing Up" in Children's Ministry

By Marilene Long  Tidings  March 2016 

What does a children’s ministry volunteer look like? In this case, it looks like Jody and Shanon Brown who have been at Asbury since 2009. When their first child, Trip – now 14, was born, Shanon and Jody decided they should raise their...

A Family Affair

By Marilyn Glass  Tidings  March 2016 

The Yates family–Justin, Melissa, and their 17-year old son, Alex–are strong advocates for volunteerism. Justin and Melissa volunteer in the children’s ministry; Alex interns with 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.