Global Outreach

Keys to the Kingdom

By Lisa Witcher  Tidings  April 2017 

The brightness in Jim Davis’ blue eyes welcomed me into the maze of Asbury’s administrative offices. Within minutes, the immense heart and burden he carries for ministry brought the land of Syria to the table between us and set it down as if it...

Obedience... and Toys!

By Erika Elijah  Tidings  April 2017 

Don’t wait to be better qualified. Just start. Confess. Pray. Read your Bible. Reflect. Repeat. Jesus does the perfect part. Last August, a Bible verse and a Facebook post drastically changed the course of my year. Isaiah 6:8 says, “Then I...

God Prepares You for His Perfect Plan

By Michelle Carney  Tidings  February 2017 

Various childhood memories come into mind when I think about how exactly I have arrived to this moment. I am not talking about the previous three years spent studying Arabic at the University of Oklahoma, but I am talking about how I dressed up...

Cross-Cultural Tulsa

By Jim Davis  Tidings  July 2016 

How well do you know your city? Do you know what nationalities are represented in Tulsa? Maybe you’re well versed in the history of Tulsa, but you might find there are some places and cultures in Tulsa you don’t know.

Prayer in Georgia

By Jim Davis, Marilene Long  Tidings  July 2016 

Asbury is a church deeply involved in global missions, and one of our focus areas is a region near the Caspian Sea. We are engaged there with an unreached people group (typically defined as an ethnic group that is less than two percent Christian)...