Is Cussing a Sin, Or Is It Just Plain, Rude?

By Jim Lenderman  Tidings  April 2017 

Is cussing (profanity) a sin or is it just plain rude? This is an interesting question because as soon as you read it, you likely had a very strong opinion on it. Opinions, even among professing Christians, range from “there’s nothing wrong with...

How Has Jesus Been Remarkable in My Life?

By Jim Lenderman  Tidings  April 2017 

When I first read the question, it came across like this to me: “In the midst of the ordinariness of everyday life, has Jesus done anything special that stands out as particularly remarkable?” (It’s entirely possible I read too much into it.) As...

Pastor Gloria Elected to Important Leadership Role

By Jim Lenderman  Tidings  April 2017 

At a recent gathering of United Methodist Clergy from across the state, our very own Pastor Gloria Denton was elected to be the new chairperson for the Order of Elders in the Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

By Tom Harrison  Tidings  January 2017 

If God is all-knowing, all-powerful, loving and good, then why does He allow evil and suffering? This is a common question among those who argue against God’s existence. From a Judeo-Christian perspective, the question should not be...

Does God Really Love Me?

By Jim Lenderman  Tidings  January 2017 

That’s a great question. It’s one that many people wonder about. After all, we have some experience with this in our everyday lives. You disappoint a friend, and they pull back from the relationship. You make a big mistake at work, and your...