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Better Together

From the very beginning, being Methodist meant that you met together in small groups and gave an account of your spiritual lives. It wasn’t isolationist. It wasn’t about going it alone. Instead, our early church recognized the strength of togetherness. Today, we have an opportunity to build on that foundation—to come together and do something better for our students and our community. Better for our seniors. And better for future generations.

Over the next three years, the Better Together campaign aims to raise $12 million to strengthen our ability to help others follow Jesus. Join us as we, as a family of believers, partner together to fulfill His vision for our church:

A New Student Center

85-90 percent of Christians give their lives to Christ in their childhood and teenage years. Though we have a thriving student ministry, we can’t ignore the fact that our students worship and learn in a remodeled ice rink far from the main church building. A purpose-built facility nearer the main church would help us reach students and serve families better.

A Community Center

The current student center, The Venue, is a valuable asset. Once the student ministry has moved, we will remodel the building to accommodate community outreach programs and our seminary full time. Here, we can offer God’s love and hope to many unchurched people, fulfilling our mission of helping others follow Jesus. 

A North Portico

We appreciate and honor our seniors. By adding a portico at the north entrance similar to what we have at the south entrance, seniors and those with mobility issues will be able to enter the building more easily and comfortably.

The Endowment

We are blessed to have a healthy endowment at Asbury. However, we can do more to help future congregations in operating these new and remodeled facilities. Strengthening our endowment fund will provide ongoing cashflow for operations and other financial considerations.

The Better Together capital campaign will do more than fund improvements across our campus, it will help others follow Jesus.