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Latin America

Latin America encompasses many countries, cultures, languages and people groups. It is a vibrant yet challenging place to share the gospel of Jesus.

Asbury is active in sharing this good news in these regions: Mexico, Ecuador and Guatemala.

In Mexico, we partner with the Juan Wesley Seminary, providing seminary scholarships as well as supporting missionaries in Monterrey. We also send medical/construction /Mission Bible School (MBS) teams to Monterrey and Rio Bravo.

In Ecuador, we support missionaries and do agricultural and medical work in Quito.

Asbury high school students work in the slums of Guatemala City during spring break each year to bring hope to the poorest of the poor in this impoverished country.

We cannot bring the message of Jesus without also serving as His ambassadors to make life better for the people, knowing Jesus offers hope in the midst of the suffering. And we will continue to carry that message as we return to Latin America.

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