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Young Adult

At Asbury, we care about people of all ages and all stages of life. One of the most important areas is our Young Adult Ministry. We care deeply for the continued spiritual growth and development of everyone 18-35 and therefore have many diverse and intentional programs to meet young adults of all life stages where they are at.

Young Adult Ministry at Asbury strives to include everyone and to recognize the importance of each life stage within the young adult demographic. We are committed to helping everyone find meaningful community, connection with God, and discover His purpose for your life.

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I want to meet you and help you in whatever ways I can! Reach out any time!

Melissa Ivey



18.22 Group

For everyone 18.22, join us for lots of fun and fellowship. We have retreats and mission trips as well as regular meetings with worship and Bible Study!!

  • Sundays, 6 pm in Room 2901
  • Follow us at @asbury18.22group



This group meets Sunday mornings at 9:30 am in Room 2500. We grow together through the Word and enjoy the deep community! Anyone is welcome to join anytime!

Home Groups

These groups meet in homes throughout the week for fellowship and time for us to grow in our faith together! We have many different types of groups (20s single male and female, 25-30 couples, 30s single male) and can launch new ones whenever needed. Just let me know you want to get involved and we’ll get you plugged in!

We also have retreats, locks in, missions, social gatherings, and more!


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