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Young Adults and Families

Young Adult Ministry

The term “young adult” can be ambiguous, and so at Asbury we break up young adults based on demographic, rather than age. This allows us to meet the needs of those in the various and multiple life stages that happen between the ages of 18-35. This also helps to create sustainable and strategic discipleship, something that is key in the life of every believer as they grow in Christ and learn how to help others follow Jesus.

Monthly Newsletter
To help keep people informed of what we have going on at Asbury we have a monthly newsletter with relevant information for young adults. This newsletter will also include relevant devotionals, studies, and testimonies from the lives of those actively engaged here! 

Sunday Mornings
We have four Discipleship Communities that are a fantastic place to plug in and belong! These are places to connect and to get involved in the life of a group of believers. Click on the “communities” tab on the left to read about each group!

Strategic Discipleship

18.22 Group
Our 18.22 Group is for anyone between the ages of 18-22. We meet on Sunday nights for worship and Bible Study and anyone is welcome to join! We have retreats and mission trips that are great for deepening your personal relationship with Christ and putting your faith into action.

  • Sundays, 6 pm in Room 2901
  • Follow the Asbury 18.22 Group Instagram to stay up to date @asbury18.22group

This group is for those 22-35 single or married. In our community on Sunday mornings we focus on going deep into the Bible together to sharpen our own knowledge and faith. We have Home Groups that meet throughout the week that are set up for personal and focused community!

We have monthly social gatherings, retreats, lock-ins, and mission trips when we can. There is a lot going on in this group and it is a great place to connect with others who are in the same life stage as you in Tulsa!

Young Families
Young families are important to us here at Asbury. Along with Sunday morning Discipleship Communities, we also have Parentology!

Parentology is a twice a year event for parents that includes free childcare, free dinner, and a free workshop on parenting hot topics! These evenings are designed to encourage parents and is open to anyone. We hope you will join us for these fun and encouraging nights!


We have a lot going on here at Asbury and we truly believe this is a great place for you to belong to a group of believers! If you have any questions, please contact me!

Melissa Renkema


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