Get Connected / Discipleship


If you are new to Asbury or just haven't gotten connected, don't worry! We understand Asbury is a big church and it can sometimes be hard to meet new people or find your place. Fortunately, our five-step Discipleship Pathway makes it easy to get connected.

We know a deeper involvement in church leads to a deeper connection with Christ. That's why we're so excited to offer the Discipleship at Asbury. By making it easier for you to get "plugged in" at Asbury, it will also help you develop a closer, more personal relationship with Jesus.

Register for The Welcome Brunch today at or stop by the Guest Services Desk.

Questions? Contact Michelle at  or 918.392.1122.

Our Principles:  

  • Asbury wants everyone involved in Discipleship.
  • Everyone enters Discipleship differently to best fit their lifestyle and needs.
  • We want to help you and others follow Jesus as we:  

- Worship  
- Learn (Grow)  
- Serve (Influence)

Discipleship Stories