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One way to make life-long friends is to join a small group! We want you to be a part of Discipleship Community on Sunday mornings; however, joining a small group provides a chance for you to continue your faith journey throughout the week, too. 

Whereas Discipleship Communities meet at Asbury on Sundays, small groups gather in homes or other places around the Tulsa community outside of "regular church times" to share what God is doing in their everyday lives. Some ask weekly accountability questions such as “How is it with your soul?" or "What is God speaking to you currently?" while others follow Asbury’s Sermon Journal, Bible reading plans or Christian book studies. 

For example: One of our Young Adult Discipleship Communities, Chainbreakers, meets on Sunday mornings before 11 am worship. This group consists of mid-twenty to thirty something men and women. However, throughout the week, small groups of only-girls and only-guys meet to talk about life and it's struggles with a sense of vulnerability. 


  • Extended Asbury Family 
  • Smaller-knit Community 
  • Casual Atmosphere
  • Christian Accountability
  • Trust / Safe Space 
  • Based on Gender, Interests and Age

Let us help you find the right group for you!

General Small Groups (Any Age) 

  • Pastor James Lambert |

Support Groups (Grief, Divorce, etc.)

  • Pastor Andrea Stephens |

Young Adults 


  • Jim Furman |

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