The Third Way

Series: Effective

The typical approach to life is “I win, you lose.” I can only win if I beat you. However, we have another option, a third way. It uses the plural personal pronoun, “we.” Life is more than just “me” or “you”—it is also “us.” As John F. Kennedy said, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” We can cooperate rather than compete.

This is the essence of Matthew 7:12. It is referred to as “The Golden Rule.” It is one of the most effective ways to maintain personal relationships. In Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” he emphasizes the importance of having a “Win/Win” strategy. If we can’t get to that, it’s a “no deal.”

We see this unfolding in Jesus’ ministry. He was proactive in coming to earth. He knew His identity and was willing to maintain His integrity in every transaction. Jesus always met people where they were. He embodied abundance, not scarcity. He offered people from every facet of life a Win/Win. They could have community, be empowered, find forgiveness, and discover purpose. They could experience grace, healing, inclusion and resurrection. Jesus wants everyone to win. He was and is incredibly generous and magnanimous. His character reveals the most effective human being who has ever lived. Yet, people still resisted Him. Jesus did not force the kingdom of God on anyone. It was their choice to accept Him. If they rejected Him, the deal was off.

Speaker: Tom Harrison

January 24, 2021
Matthew 7:12-

Tom Harrison

Senior Pastor

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