Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts Inventory

For many years, Asbury has been blessed with a strong volunteer ministry. Our theme: “Every member in Ministry,” encourages every person to get involved in serving.
Discovering your spiritual gifts and putting them to work in volunteer ministry is a key component in the overall church vision for the future at Asbury.
“Each one should use whatever gifts they have received to serve others,
faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” I Peter 4:10
Our mission is to educate each person at Asbury regarding their gift for ministry and to help them find and connect with their place of ministry.
To help you discover your God given spiritual gifts as well as your natural gifts, we encourage you to take the spiritual gifts inventory to help you discover the best place for you to serve our Lord.
Asbury is pleased to offer the Uniquely You Profile at no cost to you. This online tool details your personalized spiritual gifts and personality temperaments. This will help you discover where you might want to get involved. Contact Terri Felder at
and provide your name and email address. We will send you a one-time code for you to use to create your report. Please note, Asbury staff responds to your request, so if you happen to request a code in the evening or weekend, you may not receive it back right away. Thank you for patience with this process.
The Bible teaches us that everyone is gifted and that God is the giver of spiritual gifts which are used for the common good of the body of Christ.
“There are different kinds of working, but the same God works all of them in all men. Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.” I Corinthians 12:6-7