United Methodist Denominational Conflict

To understand how things are, you have to know how they have been. To understand the current situation, you can look back to the history of the United Methodist Church. What we are seeing is not merely a conflict over human sexuality, but two vastly different approaches to theology and ministry which have coexisted in the same church organization since 1968. We are now finally recognizing that their differences are not sustainable.

While the “presenting issues” are matters of sexuality, the core issues concern the authority of Scripture and Christology. Asbury adheres to traditional Christian beliefs on God’s creative design for sex, sexuality and marriage. We also clearly teach the unique Lordship of Jesus Christ and the need for all people to be saved from sin and death by grace through faith in Christ.

While Asbury’s leadership direction is certain, you may have concerns and questions concerning the consequences of what appears to be a separation from The United Methodist Church. Please refer to this section for updates as we move toward the 2022 General Conference and as information becomes available.

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