All committees actively live out Asbury’s membership vows (prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness) and Asbury’s three core values (confident humility, committed team player and genuine kindness).

Church Leadership 2023

Ad Council

Working across all committees, the Ad Council works to set the overarching vision, make strategic decisions, assess and execute effective communication across governance, staff, and the congregation.

  • CHAIR: Celoni, John
  • Nelson, Justin
  • Mary Alice Ahlgren
  • Williamson, Becky
  • Linsenmeyer, Sharon
  • Arens, Jim (Foundation)
  • Ruley, Greg (Finance)
  • Cooper, Jamie (LL)
  • Cooper, Trey (LL)
  • McElwain, Craig (Trustees)
  • Lefler, Jim (SPRC)


God has immensely blessed Asbury with a beautiful campus, as well as a new student center, North Portico and upcoming Development Center with our Better Together campaign. Our Trustees oversees our property, as well as gifts entrusted to Asbury, to effectively and legally lead ministries while making disciples of Jesus.

Other responsibilities include: reviewing contracts, caring for all property owned by Asbury and overseeing Asbury’s insurance coverages.  

  • CHAIR: McElwain, Craig
  • Cupp, Terry
  • Fish, Rachel
  • Fowler, Charlie
  • Goins, Rocky
  • Rinehart, Tracy
  • Thomas, Jeff
  • Culver, Ron
  • Vincent, Carl
  • Cooper, Trey (LL)
  • Cooper, Jamie (LL)


Otherwise known as the Pastor/Staff-Parish Relations Committee, SPRC builds and maintains strong, positive relationships between church staff and the life of the Church, so that Asbury’s congregation can fulfill the mission of helping others follow Jesus.

Other responsibilities include: developing needed staff positions, recommending candidates for ministry, and encouraging healthy life-work balance for pastors, staff and their families.

  • CHAIR: Lefler, Jim
  • Ewy, Barry
  • Mitchell, Liz
  • Burkhart, Mike
  • Hawkins, Laura
  • Runyan, Leslie
  • Holmes, Wes
  • Bourke, Kim
  • Wilson, Erin
  • Cooper, Trey (LL)
  • Cooper, Jamie (LL)


The Finance Committee writes, proposes and manages Asbury’s budget and leads the church in financial stewardship to faithfully serve our mission of helping others follow Jesus.  

Other responsibilities include: strategizing stewardship practices and teaching, recommending budget changes, and developing income execution plans.  

  • Chair: Ruley, Greg
  • Vermillion, Jessica
  • Ruiz, Santiago
  • Wood, Steve
  • Hedrick, Ken
  • Krieg, Brett
  • Miller, Paige
  • Wendt, Abigail
  • Goodnight, Ryan
  • Cooper, Jamie (LL)
  • Cooper, Trey (LL)
  • McElwain, Craig (Trustees)
  • Lefler, Jim (SPRC)


The Foundation committee oversees and stewards the endowments of our church. Many of our endowments were created from bequests and legacy gifts from past members that have gone on to be with the Lord. These endowments help support scholarships, missions, and the long term care of our building and facilities. 

  • Chair: Arens, Jim
  • Adams, Rodney
  • Fowler, Chris
  • Newhouse, John
  • Johnson, Kendall
  • Short, Kevin
  • Flinn, Lynn
  • Rhodes, Julee
  • Martin, Gene

Transition Committee

Our Transition Committee is tasked with leading us through major transitions in the life of our church. Previously this has included our disaffiliation from the UMC and our transition from Pastor Tom to Pastor Andrew. Currently they are spearheading the re-affiliation efforts. This group does most of the heavy lifting and then makes recommendations to our other governance committees.

  • Jeff Wilkie (Chair)
  • Andrew Forrest
  • Daniel Dennison
  • John Celoni
  • Barry Ewy
  • Trey Cooper
  • Sara Rogers
  • Janell Carter
  • Bill Abernathy
  • Jim Lefler


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