All committees actively live out Asbury’s membership vows (prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness) and Asbury’s three core values (confident humility, committed team player and genuine kindness).

Church Leadership 2024

Administrative Council

The Ad Council works with staff leadership and all governance committees to provide strategic conversations, planning, and effective communication between committees. They work together to cast vision and make strategic decisions that help the church carry out its mission.

  • CHAIR: John Celoni
  • Mary Alice Ahlgren
  • Sharon Linsenmeyer
  • Justin Nelson
  • Becky Williamson
  • Jim Arens (Foundation)
  • Greg Ruley (Finance)
  • Jamie Cooper (Lay Leader)
  • Trey Cooper (Lay Leader)
  • Craig McElwain (Trustees)
  • Jim Lefler (SPRC)

Board of Trustees

The Trustees work with the Senior Director of Operations and Director of Facilities to oversee and fulfill all physical plant responsibilities including developing the annual Capital Expenditures budget. 

  • CHAIR: Craig McElwain
  • Ron Culver
  • Carl Vincent
  • Terry Cupp
  • Rachel Fish
  • Charlie Fowler
  • Rocky Goins
  • Brad Rinehart
  • Jim Bickford
  • Trey  Cooper (Lay Leader)
  • Jamie Cooper (Lay Leader)

Staff Parish Relations Committee

The SPRC works with the Senior Pastor, Executive Director, and Director of HR to fulfill legal, ethical, and practical responsibilities related to the staff. 

  • CHAIR: Jim Lefler
  • Michael Brace
  • Mike Burkhart
  • Laura Hawkins
  • Leslie Runyan
  • Wes Holmes
  • Kim Bourke
  • Greg Shaw
  • Tommy Keeter
  • Trey  Cooper (Lay Leader)
  • Jamie Cooper (Lay Leader)

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee, along with the Executive Director and CFO, develops an annual budget, provides oversight to carry it out, and ensure an annual third-party audit of accounting record. 

  • Chair: Greg Ruley
  • Paige Miller
  • Abigail Wendt
  • Ryan Goodnight
  • Jessica Vermillion
  • Santiago Ruiz
  • Steve Wood
  • Jon Greenhaw
  • Chris Spencer
  • Jamie Cooper (Lay Leader)
  • Trey  Cooper (Lay Leader)
  • Craig McElwain (Trustees)
  • Jim Lefler (SPRC)


The Asbury Foundation board works with the senior Pastor, Executive Director, and CFO to fulfill all fiscal and management responsibilities of the assets held by the Foundation on behalf of Asbury Church. 

  • Chair: Jim Arens
  • Lynn Flinn
  • Julee Rhodes
  • Gene Martin
  • Chris Fowler
  • John Newhouse
  • Kendall Johnson

Transition Committee

Our Transition Committee is tasked with leading us through major transitions in the life of our church. 

  • Chair: Jeff Wilkie
  • Bill Abernathy
  • Barry Ewy
  • Sara Rogers
  • Trey Cooper
  • Janell Carter
  • John Celoni
  • Jim Lefler


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