6th Grade to 12th Grade

Plan Your Visit

Asbury Students... where your middle and high students can build lifelong friendships and grow in their faith together. 

9 am, Sunday morning in Asbury Students is where your student and the entire youth group can start their week off on the right note by learning and living like Jesus. Our staff and volunteers are passionate about helping your student meet fellow believers, owning their faith for the first time or building a personal relationship with Jesus. To assist your student in their journey of becoming a dedicated disciple, we ask thought-provoking questions and allow your student the opportunity to articulate Scripture in front of their peers.... one way to practice living out Asbury's mission of Helping Others Follow Jesus. 

Sunday mornings look like:

  • 9 am: Fellowship – Ping pong, Four Square, Gaga Ball, Hammocking, Catching up with Friends 
  • 9:30 am: Middle School – Games, Trivia, Engaging Questions, Bible Stories, Prayer, Life Challenges 
  • 9:30 am: High School – Scripture, Relevant Life Topics, Current Events, Prayer 
  • 11 am: Worship – Walking over to the Main Asbury Sanctuary and sitting together for 11 am Modern Worship Service