Early Childhood to 5th grade

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6 ESV 

Plan Your Visit What to Expect

AsburyKids is THE place to be because kids come first! 

Sunday morning in AsburyKids is a fun and engaging experience, while also being developmentally appropriate for each age group. Our lifelong discipleship model is designed to disciple your children to reveal God’s heart for them. We apply Scripture to your kid's life in an age-appropriate way, while also empowering them to take control of their emotions by praying to the Lord and listening for his direction during their daily lives... not just at church. 

The AsburyKids staff and volunteers are passionate about teaching your child exciting stories from the Bible, that Jesus loves them unconditionally and how He died for their sins so they can have eternal life. We will encourage your child to use all of their five senses to discover Scripture like never before, so they can embark on a personal relationship with Jesus. Instead of simply listening to a lecture or staring at a coloring sheet, your child will be participating in immersive, interactive crafts and activities (such as: touching fur to learn about Daniel in the lion's den, making fossils in playdoh to represent the impressions we can make on others and much, much more). We use Orange Curriculum and every month is theme-based, with each week’s bottom line relating to the overall topic. 

Our goal is to connect and build positive relationships with children by teaching them confidence and purpose while following Jesus’ example. We also want to prepare your child for beyond AsburyKids by learning church traditions (Lords Prayer, Apostles Creed, etc). Plus, we come alongside parents with tools and resources to help take the spiritual lead at home.

A typical Sunday morning looks like: 

  • FUN! – Dress-up, Legos, Board Games, Basketball, Video Games, Foosball. 
  • Big Group Time – Worship, Prayer, Offering, Bible Stories, Science Experiments, Challenges, Games, Memory Verses. 
  • Small Groups  – Immersive crafts, Learning how to navigate the Bible, Discussion-based talking to prepare for Asbury Students. 

Orange Curriculum