Disciple. Noun. A dedicated follower of Jesus who lives out His teachings and helps others do the same. Our mission of Helping Others Follow Jesus is based on God’s mission for His Kingdom – to be in relationship with Him and each other through Jesus Christ. 

This is not a one step process – once you accept Christ, your personal relationship with Him should continue growing and maturing throughout your entire life. This is done by surrounding yourself with fellow believers and getting connected to a church like Asbury. Regardless of your age, your life stage or how much you do (or don’t) know Jesus, Asbury is here to help you at any point in this lifelong journey. Our lifelong discipleship model is intentional – from how we disciple your children to celebrating a couple's 50th wedding anniversary.

We understand learning Scripture and serving is going to look different for a two-year-old versus a 32 year-old or even an 82 year-old, which is why Asbury makes it a priority to have something for every generation and considers itself a unique church.

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