God Allows Do-Overs

    May 3, 2021 | by Andrea Stephens

    It’s never happened before. Since I switched to a MAC laptop 8 years ago, I have never had a virus or lost a file. Until I did. I had this newsletter 85% finished when my computer rebooted and ate it. I found the other files I had open at the time, but not the newsletter. Even a search by our fabulous IT department didn’t make it reappear. Rats!

    So, I had to do a do-over. Some do-overs in life are welcomed, like when my tee shot slices to the right landing on the fairway next to the one I’m playing. I always grace myself with permission to hit that one again. Or when you paint your bathroom that special color that turns out looking like mud, that’s a simple do-over.  It’s just paint.

    But other do-overs don’t sit well with us. We attempt a task that doesn’t turn out well, so we have to declare a do-over (ever try to assemble something only to find out you have a portion of it backwards?). How about flunking a test—like the Master Gardener exam at Linnaeus Gardens or your real estate exam. Ugh. Do-over! 

    Then there are the times we get upset and spout-off at someone. The Holy Spirit convicts you, so you can ask the person for forgiveness and try the conversation again. That might be a do-over we don’t jump to do, but the results are always good. 

    Aren’t we glad God is a fan of do-overs?  He gave Jonah a do-over when he disobeyed and literally fled in the opposite direction of God’s call. The Prodigal son got a do-over.

    Peter got a do-over.  Have you gotten a do-over with the Lord or do you need one?  Many times in life we will not get it just right.  Fear not. God allows do-overs!

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