God is in Control

    May 3, 2021 | by Teresa Goodnight

    “Is it just me?” goes through my head when I’m in bed at night not sleeping. My mind starts wondering about things going on stressing me out. I feel I have no control over the outcome. I start not breathing right--almost in a panic. I start praying. It’s like I can hear God telling me “You didn’t have control of any of this when you went to bed. Why are you worried about it as you lie here? I’ve got it. I’ve always had it. BTW--YOU NEVER had it to start with.” It takes a good 15-20 minutes for it to really sink in. Breathing normalizes.

    It just happened two nights in a row. Details are unimportant. Suffice it to say—it would have stressed anyone out. When I woke up in the morning, I found both things I was SO worried about were fixed before I ever even woke up in a panic. My first disbelief was that I wasted all that sleep worrying! My SECOND disbelief was I let Satan get ahold of me two nights in a row, even after God gently reassured me the day before. Honestly? I laughed with God at myself. Haha. 

    This pandemic produced more anxiety this last year. I’m guessing it’s not just me struggling daily to remember God is in control. There is a war. Satan does NOT want us living a peaceful life with God. He does NOT want us to choose better. A life of abundance isn’t on his checklist for the Christian life. A life of anxiety? Writhing with worry from things we cannot control? Yep. Bingo. There we go.

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