I Was Really Touched and Grateful this Past Sunday

    by Andrew Forrest

    I don’t think you can read Genesis and NOT gain some important insights into human nature, including insights into the nature of men and women.

    I think Genesis 3 specifically shows something interesting about the temptation that—for whatever reason—men particularly seem to face.

    As I said Sunday, I think the primal temptation of a man is towards passivity.

    So this past week I had something I wanted to say to the men of our congregation:

    It was an invitation and a challenge to step up and take responsibility.


    I wrote an article for my blog last weekend called “George W. Bush in Running Shoes.” It was a summary of some things I’d been talking about since I came to Asbury:

    "In life, you are either building on what has come before you, or you are drawing down on that inheritance.  There is no in-between.
    You’re either taking what you’ve been given and doing more with it, or else you are squandering what you’ve been given and wasting it.
    You don’t light a lamp only to hide it under a bushel basket.
    You don’t get a talent only to bury it.
    You do something with what you’ve been given."

    As a little gesture to make that point, I’ve been talking about “putting on your running shoes,” i.e., let’s get ready to build on what’s been before—let’s get ready to run. And I mentioned that I was going to wear running shoes with my suit this last Sunday morning.

    This was just a brief comment on my blog, not a major policy announcement.  I only posted it on Saturday afternoon.

    So I was really touched and surprised to see how many folks at Asbury showed up wearing running shoes this past Sunday.

    Including—how can I put this delicately?—lots of older folks!  LOTS of older folks!

    There was one older gentlemen in particular who stuck out in my mind.  He came up to my line during Holy Communion wearing an elegant suit, matched with bright running shoes!  As he walked by he said, “You’re never too old to run.”


    Asbury, thank you for welcoming me and my family.

    I am so grateful for all the messages of support I’ve been receiving.

    Over and over again, folks keep sending me notes or drawing me aside to say:

    “We’re ready.  Let’s go.”


    Yes.  Let’s go.

    See you Sunday,

    Andrew Forrest
    Senior Pastor 

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