Prayer For One Who Has Fallen Away

    by Acts 29 Booklet

    Gracious Father, in Jesus' name, I believe and confess that (name) is Your disciple. He (she) is a Child of God, taught by You. As an infant, his (her) life was dedicated to You, and when he (she) was older, he (she) accepted Jesus as his (her) Savior. Since childhood he (she) has been acquainted with Your Word and knows that Jesus is the only door to eternal life. In Jesus' name, I believe that (name) has been given eternal life through Jesus Christ. I believe he (she) will never lose it. I believe that no one is able to snatch him (her) from Your heavenly arms.

    I pray, in Jesus' name, that Satan and every hindering spirit be bound in his (her) life, so he (she) is free to turn his (her) eyes on You.

    Father, You are greater and mightier than anyone else. You know (name)'s innermost thoughts and feelings. You know what is hindering his (her) relationship with You. I pray that You will use Your Holy Spirit to quicken his (her) heart and touch his (her) life with joy and expectation. Restore him (her) to fellowship with You and the body of believers. Give (name) wisdom and revelation. Let him (her) thirst for Your Word.

    I pray these things in Jesus' strong name, Amen.

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