Slow down, Girl!

    by Janice Buswell

    Sometimes the simplest thing you can do is to REST. To Sleep. To Stop. To read a little. To listen. Sometimes, we get so hurried by the stuff of life we simply forget that we are human. And humans need to rest to function.

    I needed rest this week. I’d let myself run ragged. Because I “had” to. There was a list about a mile long. At least it felt that way. So I gritted my teeth and started to sprint. Because the finish line has a deadline. But when we wear ourselves thin, it becomes more difficult to make quality decisions. Like when you should go to bed. Or how to prioritize your tasks.

    Some things in life we simply can’t muscle through. But we still try. And at the end of trying its usually some kind of crash. Most of mine have been small. Nothing a day of rest and recuperation won’t cure. But it’s not a great way to approach life.

    And the overwhelm/overwork is just one side of the issue.

    The other side is how to receive correction to get back on track. Simply. Proverbs says that a fool hates correction and spurns discipline. That’s serious. Because correction is sent to warn us away from disaster. I personally am grateful for correction – usually. But even when grateful, I have to resist the tendency to – over correct. After all, if a little is good, a lot is better right? After all, let’s make sure I never make that mistake again!!! Except… that’s the kind of thinking that can lead to a crash in the first place. 

    So what’s the simple solution to the end of the swerve back and forth on the road of life? Because trust me… the swerve more than doubles your time and effort. Plus, it’s a bit nauseating. And not just for me, but for those along for the ride!

    The answer lies in rest. Slow down, girl. You’re not your own sculptor. When things seem out of control, sometimes it’s best to stop and listen. And then to calmly and diligently do the next right thing. Do it with all your heart, and all your focus. Because I find that what causes me to rush – is looking to the next thing – before I’ve hardly started my first one. That’s stressful. And not simple at all. Not that plans are bad. That’s not what I’m talking about.

    I’m talking about the inability to be present and enjoy the gift of the moment. Because, here’s the thing: When we’re wholeheartedly focused… all our thought and energy is in one place. The deed is done well. It’s done steadily and thoroughly. And the chances are we actually enjoyed it.

    When I’m constantly straining ahead to the next thing… I miss the details of the present thing. I don’t enjoy it. Why bother? It’s simply a speed bump. I hardly remember it when I’m past it. Unless in my haste, I failed to complete it through some technical oversight – a much greater possibility when flying through life.

    The thing about flying over speed bumps is that if you hit a big enough one – you’ll bottom out. If I bottom out often enough – it’s tempting to hit the brakes altogether and sit still. After all, nothing bad can happen to you if you’re not moving, right? Possibility. But you will certainly never reach your destination. And there’s nothing more heartbreaking than a life stopped in front of a speed bump.

    So again, we return to rest. To slow down – and continue – takes trust. Trust that there is Someone wiser and larger than mee to direct and empower my steps. Someone who loves me enough to help me do all things well – deciding between what’s truly necessary and what’s not.

    When I trust Him, my heart is at peace. And it is easy to hear His directions and heed them. And I don’t have to circle the mountain one more time to pick up the item I dropped.

    So how about you? Have life’s pressures caused you to press the gas pedal or hit the brakes? Do you need a moment to calm your heart, quiet your mind and listen? Maybe even take a nap or read a book? Whether you feel like you’re flying out of control or are frozen in fear, I encourage you to ask the Lord for help. In returning to Him and resting in Him you’ll find peace and true fruitfulness. 

    Taken from Janice Buswell’s Facebook blog – Radical Simplicity – on March 4, 2022

    About Janice
    – Janice Buswell is a multi-talented communicator, speaker, author, and blogger on the topic of Radical Simplicity. Her passion for stories began when she discovered their God-given ability to unlock truth in the hearts of His people. Janice and her husband, Jared, are Asbury members and part of the Chapel Community.

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