What if God's not done with us yet?

    by Andrew Forrest

    We launched our brand new sermon series on Genesis last weekend, and I decided to preach my first Genesis sermon by talking about what’s NOT in Genesis chapter 1: "The One Thing That Genesis 1 Does *Not* Say"

    The reason this matters is because the opening chapter of the Bible tells me that the Lord has more for me.

    That as long as I’m drawing breath, God’s not done with me yet.


    This week our Genesis reading plan began. Missed it? We’re only on Day 2, so you can easily catch up.

    And by the way, I’m sending out each day’s reading and commentary through my blog each morning at 4 am.

    More info and sign up here.

    Can’t wait to dig further into Genesis this weekend.

    Can’t come Sunday?  See you Thursday at 6 pm instead.

    Let’s go.

    Andrew Forrest 

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