Thursday Night Worship Service

Thursday Night Worship Service

June 13, 2024

Every Thursday, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Address: Asbury Church, 6767 S Mingo Rd, Tulsa, OK US 74133

Room: Mason Chapel

The most important thing you can do every week is to attend worship, which is why we believe weekly church attendance is a keystone habit that will change your life. Going to miss a Sunday? Good news! We now have a Thursday evening service every week at 6 PM on the Mason Chapel. The Thursday service is a full worship service, identical to Sunday; in terms of our preaching calendar, Thursdays precede Sundays, so Pastor Andrew will preach the same sermon on Thursday that he preaches on the subsequent Sunday. Don’t have time to change clothes between baseball practice or yardwork? Just come in whatever you’re already wearing—no excuses.

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