Search Me, God
    10.02.23 | Women | by Lindi Collins

    When I was attending the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, my oil painting professor would invite art students to his ranch to paint "in plein air" or paint in the open air, such as landscapes and fields around his property.

      08.30.23 | Women | by Mary Alice Ahlgren

      Let’s start with Clayton Barbeau, so that you understand who stated this. He was a Christian family physiotherapist, speaker and author who started publishing in the 1960s about marriage, family and relationships.

        This is Only Day #2
        08.22.23 | Weekly Newsletter | by Andrew Forrest

        Dear Asbury,  It’s not too late to begin our new Bible-reading plan through the Gospel of Matthew—today is only day #2! If you are behind, it will literally take you 2 minutes to catch up. (See here for more details and to sign...

          Women Following Jesus
          08.03.23 | Women | by Andrea Stephens

          As a woman, how can I best be a follower of Jesus? What does the Bible say? Growing up in church I was part of an organization called S.T.A.R.s which represented four women in the Bible; Susanna, Tabitha, Anna and Ruth. What does the Bible tell...

            Lead Like Jesus
            06.08.23 | Women | by Kim Renkema

            What is Leadership? Author, J Thomas Wren,  in The Leader’s Companion says that leadership is “The process of influencing an organized group toward accomplishing its goals”. I’d say that leadership is an act of service. To be a leader means we...

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