03.30.21 | Weekly Newsletter | by Tom Harrison

    This is our week. Actually, it’s Jesus’ week, but we’re invited to His party. Can you imagine the absolute joy that was so overwhelming and shocking when the disciples heard, “He is Risen!”? What a surreal experience. They could not believe it...

      Letting Go
      03.29.21 | Women | Devotional Thoughts | by Nichole Nordeman

      Lowering the bar. I know that sounds strange since we are always striving—striving to be better, stronger, smarter, nicer, prettier, more patient, more perfect moms. But I cannot live with open, surrendered hands if they are clutching other...

        03.23.21 | Weekly Newsletter | by Tom Harrison

        I have a favor to ask. If you normally come to the 9:30 am service, consider attending the 8:00 am service on Easter. The 8:00 am and 9:30 am services are identical (far more attend at 9:30 am). We always ask for this consideration on Easter; but...

          03.16.21 | Weekly Newsletter | by Tom Harrison

          I like a Michael Bublé song he wrote while he was once on tour in Europe. He was homesick. He yearned to go home. Likewise, some of us yearn for a trip, an event, an experience, a meal, or a person. To yearn means to deeply desire or crave something.

            03.09.21 | Weekly Newsletter | by Tom Harrison

            SPRING FORWARD. While we lose an hour of sleep this Sunday, the daylight will be with us longer on Sunday night. Is the cup half empty or half full? It depends on our perception.

              03.02.21 | Weekly Newsletter | by Tom Harrison

              Our 17th anniversary weekend (Feb. 29, 2004—a Leap Year Sunday) since relocating from Sheridan to Mingo could not have gone better. Passport Health Services vaccinated around 1,400 people on Friday and Saturday (the majority of whom were...

                Compound Interest
                02.09.21 | Articles | Weekly Newsletter | by Tom Harrison

                We conclude this sermon series by looking at the seventh and final habit that can help us be “Effective.” I do not know anybody who intends to live an ineffective life. “Sharpen the saw” comes from Ecclesiastes 10:10: “If the iron is blunt, and...

                  Two Are Better Than One
                  02.02.21 | Articles | Weekly Newsletter | by Tom Harrison

                  The first “very good” in the Genesis account comes when God made human beings. Until then, everything was just “good.” Humans became the crown of God’s creation. The first “not good” in the Genesis account of creation refers to Adam being alone...