Walk In Unity
    06.29.21 | Weekly Newsletter | by Tom Harrison

    The Beatles were a magnificent band. Probably the greatest band ever. They were so diverse and gifted. One of their songs was “Come Together.” They sang about unity and togetherness yet if they couldn’t keep their quartet together how could they...

      Lost Things
      06.28.21 | Women | Devotional Thoughts | by Charlene Giles

      Have you ever lost something precious to you? The other day I found myself relating to the woman in Luke 15 who lost one of her valuable coins. Like her, I searched high and low – in my case, for a priceless heirloom ring.

        Grow Up: Scripture Equips Us to Serve
        06.22.21 | Weekly Newsletter | by Tom Harrison

        The best week of the year: Vacation Bible School. This is one of our greatest opportunities to reach young families with the Gospel. Not only can we teach them Scripture and tradition, but we can give them something far greater than just living...

          Shining the Light of Christ
          06.21.21 | Tidings | by Asbury Tulsa

          Asbury has been abuzz with energy and excitement from the COVID-19 vaccination clinics that were held during February and March. Asbury provided a welcoming and comforting experience while trying to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of...

            Adam Heare
            06.07.21 | Tidings | by Rob Loeber

            God’s timing doesn’t always make sense. Even though He’s working in the waiting, the human brain is easily confused and often frustrated at the pace with which God moves.