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    Good Acronym
    03.29.21 | Women | by Andrea Stephens

    I love a good acronym, an abbreviation that can be read as a single word. They are quick reminders of lengthier concepts usually worth remembering, at least the ones I’ve learned over the years. It’s said that the word acronym was coined around...

      God is Faithful
      03.03.21 | Women | by Andrea Stephens

      We all have a story. You have one. I have one. There are things we like about our stories and things that we don’t. High points and low points. Times of messiness, times of calm, times of pain, times of peace, times of disappointment, times of joy.

        Love Like Jesus
        01.31.21 | Articles | Women | by Andrea Stephens

        Years ago, as a young pastor’s wife, I was asked to go visit a church member in the local nursing home.  This was before the trend of assisted living facilitates came into being.  In the small town of Covington, LA there was just the one local...