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    The Patriotic Donkey
    06.23.22 | Women | by Tammy Beals

    Independence Day is a fun, colorful, noisy, patriotic time of the year.  Family and friends use it as a good excuse to gather while cooking out, making ice cream, swapping stories, and connecting with others. Our family had a special tradition...

      Spiders & Snakes
      06.01.22 | Women | by Tammy Beals

      There was a song by a country artist named Jim Stafford that came out about 1974 that was named “Spiders and Snakes”. Although the lyrics to this song have no bearing on this story, the name was certainly appropriate. These types of critters were...

        The Sound of Music
        04.26.22 | Women | by Tammy Beals

        My morning would start with a serenade of birds singing, a rooster crowing, dogs barking and, in the summertime, the hum of the box fan sitting in the door of my bedroom. Since we had no air conditioner and I had the bedroom at the end of the...

          The Party Line
          04.06.22 | Women | by Tammy Beals

          I grew up in a peaceful and serene rural environment where the silence was pierced only by the sounds of nature, country & western music and an occasional sonic boom when a jet broke the sound barrier. Well, there was one more thing…..the...

            The Squirrel Hunter
            02.23.22 | Women | by Tammy Beals

            Have you ever been speaking, listening, or thinking about something and BOOM….you forgot what you were talking about, thinking about or what that person across from you just said?  The popular word to describe that is simply “Squirrel!” I would...

              Stories from the Farm
              02.02.22 | Women | by Tammy Beals

              Growing up on a farm in rural Missouri gave me a unique perspective on life. I see things a bit differently than the average girl who grew up in town.

                Reasons for Your Resolution
                01.13.22 | Women | by Tammy Beals

                January is always a time of renewal.  We celebrate renewed goals, hopes, dreams and commitments! All of these can be a great place to start but we need to have some resolve to back them up.  Have you ever looked up the definition of resolution? ...