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    Training Up Your Child
    07.26.21 | Tidings | by Tracy LeGrand

    Supporting other parents and working together with each other and other parents to strengthen their families in God’s grace is a way Chad and LaDonna Whisman serve Jesus, their family and their church. The newly formed community Parents of Kids...

      Take Time
      07.26.21 | Tidings | by Tracy LeGrand

      Often the most important decisions we make in life require the most prayer and consideration before we make them. That was definitely the case for Travis Eden this past spring as he was taking steps to become a member of Asbury.

        From Chrysalis to Butterfly
        04.20.21 | Tidings | by Tracy LeGrand

        Tami Howlett’s walk with Christ has not been without challenges including the loss of a 15-year marriage and the fallout of her former spouse’s addiction and subsequent death. Thankfully, her family, faith and the support of her church home have...