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    Why Do So Few Christians Do This?
    05.09.23 | Weekly Newsletter | by Andrew Forrest

    My experience is that very few of us have cultivated the habit of spending time in silence every morning, before we begin our days. I believe that nothing will make you happier than spending time in silence and prayer every morning. I believe...

      Don't Take the Bait
      05.02.23 | Weekly Newsletter | by Andrew Forrest

      Either you learn to control your emotions, or you will be controlled by your emotions. But what about when you can’t avoid emotion? What about when you are around emotional people? What about when the situation in which you find yourself...

        We're Rich!
        04.25.23 | Weekly Newsletter | by Andrew Forrest

        When I was wrestling last year with the question, “Should I go to Asbury or not?” one of the things that really attracted me to Tulsa was the number of “spiritual sequoias” that are a part of Asbury. My church in Dallas was a new church, and so...

          Don't Overthink This
          04.18.23 | Weekly Newsletter | by Andrew Forrest

          Today we’re on Psalm 9. Have you read it yet? Speaking of the number 9, I wrote a blog post yesterday about My 9 Word Strategic Plan. (Spoiler: it’s not very glamorous.) So if you want to know what the immediate future holds for Asbury, read...

            Starting the Day After Easter
            04.04.23 | Weekly Newsletter | by Andrew Forrest

            Dear Asbury, It’s a big week—Sunday is coming! Easter is gonna be HUGE, and I hope you’re praying. And this is what starts the day AFTER Easter. Last week I talked about all that we have going on this Holy Week. I hope...

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