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    David On Mount Zion
    02.01.22 | Weekly Newsletter | by Tom Harrison

    February 4 marks Asbury’s 60th anniversary (our diamond jubilee). We will combine our “official celebration” with a fun church tradition related to Lent. Pancake Day (aka Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras) is the day before Ash Wednesday.

      David In The Valley Of Elah
      01.25.22 | Weekly Newsletter | by Tom Harrison

      In these weekly notes, we try to focus on what’s coming, rather than what’s happened, but today let’s make an exception. On Saturday we had an excellent presentation at our Lay Leadership meeting. We shared some 2021 statistics (missional...

        Moses on Mount Nebo
        01.18.22 | Weekly Newsletter | by Tom Harrison

        By now you should’ve received word about my July 31 retirement date and the process of selecting our next senior pastor. This is new—we’ve only had one new pastor appointed to Asbury since 1964 (me in 1993).  Fifty-eight years of two senior...

          Reasons for Your Resolution
          01.13.22 | Women | by Tammy Beals

          January is always a time of renewal.  We celebrate renewed goals, hopes, dreams and commitments! All of these can be a great place to start but we need to have some resolve to back them up.  Have you ever looked up the definition of resolution? ...

            01.13.22 | Women | Devotional Thoughts | by Abigail Wendt

            We have all heard the phrase “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” and we all know how wrong that is. Words are powerful. The Scripture is full of evidence of the power of words. From the start God uses His words to...

              Moses On Mount Sinai
              01.11.22 | Weekly Newsletter | by Tom Harrison

              We're sending a letter this week about my retirement. Being that I’ve missed the last three Sundays from the pulpit, that has not already happened. Dana and I both had the Omicron variant and had to isolate. My issues became a sinus infection...

                Moses On Mount Horeb
                01.04.22 | Weekly Newsletter | by Tom Harrison

                The Old Testament revolves around three major characters: Abraham, Moses, and David. Our sermon series, “Mountains, Valleys, and Caves,” shows how the geographical sites had spiritual applications to them, and it does to us as...

                  Abram On Mount Moriah
                  12.28.21 | Weekly Newsletter | by Tom Harrison

                  “Mountains, Valleys, and Caves” is our sermon series for the first four months of 2022. A mountaintop experience is a peak or pinnacle of life. We love these times. A “valley” is a time of struggle and often, growth. A “cave” is a dark place of...

                    The Givers
                    12.21.21 | Weekly Newsletter | by Tom Harrison

                    Christians have two great events: Christmas and Easter. The history of the world revolves around the first. The incarnation was the first step toward His passion, death, resurrection, ascension, pouring out the Holy Spirit, and the creation of...

                      The Lowly
                      12.14.21 | Weekly Newsletter | by Tom Harrison

                      Christmas is our time of the year. Even the secular stations play our music. Because of Jesus, no wonder “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Here are your opportunities to come, worship, and invite:

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