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    We are His Children
    09.29.21 | Devotional Thoughts | by Erika Elisha

    I woke up several mornings in humid Uganda to the sound of children’s voices singing that simple song in unison across the campus of the children’s home where I was serving. Singing was the first thing they did each day as they awoke. It was...

      Lost Things
      06.28.21 | Women | Devotional Thoughts | by Charlene Giles

      Have you ever lost something precious to you? The other day I found myself relating to the woman in Luke 15 who lost one of her valuable coins. Like her, I searched high and low – in my case, for a priceless heirloom ring.

        Letting Go
        03.29.21 | Women | Devotional Thoughts | by Nichole Nordeman

        Lowering the bar. I know that sounds strange since we are always striving—striving to be better, stronger, smarter, nicer, prettier, more patient, more perfect moms. But I cannot live with open, surrendered hands if they are clutching other...