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    Walking the Walk
    07.26.21 | Tidings | by Kyle Salomon

    Syri Kennah Ramkaran is only 8-years-old, but in many ways she is setting examples of how to walk the Christian walk. Young Syri has had to endure the pain of losing a parent early in life with the passing of her father, but she has not let...

      Training Up Your Child
      07.26.21 | Tidings | by Tracy LeGrand

      Supporting other parents and working together with each other and other parents to strengthen their families in God’s grace is a way Chad and LaDonna Whisman serve Jesus, their family and their church. The newly formed community Parents of Kids...

        Find Comfort
        07.26.21 | Tidings | by Kyle Salomon

        Amanda Colby’s late husband, Kraston, passed away April 20, 2017, after living 11 months with glioblastoma. Amanda’s focus immediately turned to their four children, as they began therapy the following week.

          Simply Stated
          07.26.21 | Tidings | by Lisa Witcher

          Alexander’s mom, Mary, worried he was too young to really understand what he was asking. Like many wise mothers, she let his initial request rest a while. When her son persisted, Mary and Parker Smith contacted Pastor John Vick. Alexander reacted...

            Take Time
            07.26.21 | Tidings | by Tracy LeGrand

            Often the most important decisions we make in life require the most prayer and consideration before we make them. That was definitely the case for Travis Eden this past spring as he was taking steps to become a member of Asbury.

              Quality Time
              07.26.21 | Tidings | by Abigail Roesler

              After attending Asbury for 10 years, Gianni Giannandrea and his fifth-grade son Anthony recently visited Asbury’s latest Connect Camp for the first time.

                07.26.21 | Tidings | by Abigail Roesler

                As long-invested members of Asbury, Jennifer Beach and her fourth-grade son Freeman had been aware of Asbury’s Connect Camp and planned on taking part for a long time. They were finally able to attend this latest Connect Camp, and it did not...

                  Shining the Light of Christ
                  06.21.21 | Tidings | by Asbury Tulsa

                  Asbury has been abuzz with energy and excitement from the COVID-19 vaccination clinics that were held during February and March. Asbury provided a welcoming and comforting experience while trying to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of...