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    A Good Father
    06.02.21 | Women | by Andrea Stephens

    A tiny bit of movement caught my eye when I was outside watering the potted palm trees on my patio.  I paused to look and sure enough, the grass was moving!  There was also some grey puffy looking stuff mixed in with the grass. Hmm.

      God Allows Do-Overs
      05.03.21 | Women | by Andrea Stephens

      It’s never happened before. Since I switched to a MAC laptop 8 years ago, I have never had a virus or lost a file. Until I did. I had this newsletter 85% finished when my computer rebooted and ate it. I found the other files I had open at the...

        Living Proof LIVE with Beth Moore RECAP
        05.03.21 | Women | by Andrea Stephens

        Women started lining up by 5:00 pm, wanting to get a good seat to see their favorite Bible teacher when the sanctuary doors opened at 6:30. They drove from surrounding states and cities in anticipation of an inspirational weekend that would...

          Letting Go
          03.29.21 | Women | Devotional Thoughts | by Nichole Nordeman

          Lowering the bar. I know that sounds strange since we are always striving—striving to be better, stronger, smarter, nicer, prettier, more patient, more perfect moms. But I cannot live with open, surrendered hands if they are clutching other...

            Spring Gathering RECAP
            03.29.21 | Women | by Andrea Stephens

            Women’s Spring Gathering on Friday night, March 12, was a special night for Asbury women, along with hundreds from the Tulsa community. The theme Woven was taking from guest artist Nichole Nordemen’s top selling CD, Woven and Spun.

              Good Acronym
              03.29.21 | Women | by Andrea Stephens

              I love a good acronym, an abbreviation that can be read as a single word. They are quick reminders of lengthier concepts usually worth remembering, at least the ones I’ve learned over the years. It’s said that the word acronym was coined around...

                God is Faithful
                03.03.21 | Women | by Andrea Stephens

                We all have a story. You have one. I have one. There are things we like about our stories and things that we don’t. High points and low points. Times of messiness, times of calm, times of pain, times of peace, times of disappointment, times of joy.