Senior Bible Study 

One of the best ways to spiritually prepare your student before graduation is encouraging them to participate in Senior Bible Study, led by Senior Pastor Tom Harrison and Pastor John Vick. 

Meeting from 5-6 pm every Wednesday during the school year (except for Christmas, Easter and Spring Break), Senior Bible Study provides a safe space for your student to have their tricky faith and relevant life questions answered by their Senior Pastor and other trusted, knowledgeable Christian leaders. Without a strong foundation, young adulthood can be difficult when bombarded with many different beliefs. At the end of the school year, your student will know how to take ownership of their beliefs, be able to defend their faith and know how to continue anchoring their adult life with God and Scripture. 

It's no secret that Senior Bible Study is one of Pastor Tom's personal favorites to lead – He is wholeheartedly invested in building up your student and younger generations into well-versed, mature Christians. And best of all? He brings donuts every week, too! 

Discussion topics include: 

  • Reliability of the Bible
  • Revelation of God/Why the Bible 
  • Predestination 
  • Church History 
  • A Christian and Politics 
  • Homosexuality 
  • Miracles/Works of the Holy Spirit 
  • Significance of Christmas/Easter
  • God’s Will 
  • World Religions 
  • How to Share Your Faith 
  • Heaven/Hell/Sheol 
  • God’s Judgement – Old vs. New Covenant 
  • Why does God allow suffering?