What to Expect


9 am Service - Check-in starts at 8:45 am
11 am Service - Check-in starts at 10:45 am 


On your first visit:

  • Please visit our AsburyKids Check-in kiosk and Welcome Team downstairs.
  • AsburyKids staff will help you get your child registered and take you to your classroom.
  • Each child will be given a name tag and parents will get a corresponding parent claim sticker.

On subsequent visits:

  • Now that you have visited once, you will be in our database. We are so glad you joined us on a Sunday.
  • You may use one of the touch screen computers to print your child’s name tag and parent claim sticker. 
  • Please take your child to their classroom each time and ensure the teacher checks them into the classroom.


  • 6 weeks – Pre-K: Please proceed directly to your child’s classroom for check-out.
  • Elementary kids: Parents may wait in the check-in area until the doors open at the end of the service, where AsburyKids staff will dismiss children upon their parents’ arrival.


  • It is Asbury’s desire that families participate in worship together. Elementary children may attend one worship service at Asbury and then attend the main worship service with you. We have “big church kits” full of fun, quiet activities to help keep them busy as they learn to worship as the body of Christ.
  • All AsburyKids staff are fully trained in CPR and first aid.
  • We will notify parents if there is an emergency situation by utilizing the phone number on your child’s sticker/classroom roster.
  • Please make sure that all contact numbers on file are up to date and correct in case we need to notify you.
  • In the event an evacuation or shelter situation arises, AsburyKids staff will ensure your child is taken to the appropriate pre-designated location.
  • Due to allergy concerns, children ages 2 and older may not bring a snack with them to their classrooms. Also, we are unable to serve snacks on a weekly basis, however, if there is an exception, signs will be posted to let you know the type of snack that will be served.


  • Please take note that classrooms may change during your child’s first two years based on how rapidly their development changes. After that, your child will be in the same classroom for the entire year from age 2 and up.
  • Each classroom has one staff member that will be there every week. In addition, there are 2-4 volunteers helping in each room. Please introduce yourself and your child on the first Sunday. Also, feel free to take as much time as needed to discuss any information the AsburyKids team may need to know in order to take the best care of your child.


  • Infants: Diaper bag (with your new bag tag), bottle with water and formula or milk, sippy cup if they one with water only, favorite blanket or comfort item, pacifier, diapers and a change of clothes.
  • Toddlers: Diaper bag (with your new bag tag), favorite comfort item, diapers and a change of clothes.
  • Preschoolers*: Pull-ups and change of clothes if potty training. Any emergency medication such as inhalers or EpiPens must have a medical release on file for the teacher to administer the medication to the child.
  • *We cannot change diapers or clothes for kids ages 4 and up. We will text message the parent if there is an accident. Children with special needs are an exception as long as there is a written consent form from a parent on file. 


  • We can only bottle feed your infant formula or milk that you provide. We do have bottle warmers in our classrooms.
  • Please fill sippy cups with water only.
  • Nursing moms may utilize their child’s classroom or enjoy the privacy of our Nursing Rooms located near the Sanctuary on both the north and south ends of our building.
  • For infants in our Bunnies Classroom, we provide Happy Baby Puffs (organic allergy free melt-away puffs) as a snack for your child.
  • For toddlers in the Foxes Classrooms, we provide plain Cheerios as a snack.
  • Please do not bring any other food items for your child to consume during class due to allergy concerns of other children.