Loving people right here in Oklahoma offers an abundance of practical opportunities to share the message of hope found in Christ. Asbury is dedicated to supporting partners that are scripturally-based and dedicated to serving the needs of the community. We have teamed up with more than 20 non-profits who have a financial need to help complement their ministry efforts. Asbury's Local Outreach works with more than 20 agencies ranging from helping children to construction, delivering food to working with seniors. If you're looking to serve locally, there is a place for you!

Good Samaritan Health Services

Equips and empowers Tulsa area churches to fulfill their vision of reaching their communities for Christ, partnering with them to effect transformation of individuals and the community by joining healthcare with their compassion ministries for those who do not have access to or cannot afford it. Volunteer your skills as a doctor, nurse, or prayer partner at a free Christian medical clinic where prayer is incorporated into health care services. Contact Melissa Ruiz .

Exodus House/Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries

Develop a relationship with an ex-prisoner and help furnish an apartment for their 6-month rehabilitation. Contact Jim Cooper.


Help build strong minds, bodies, and communities in North Tulsa. Contact Damali Wilson at .  

Bixby Community Outreach Center

Help to provide basic needs assistance with compassion and dignity to local families in need, through a cooperative community effort. Contact Missy Brumley at  .

Happy Hands Education Center

Volunteer in classrooms or office with children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Ages 6 weeks to 6 years. Assist with fundraising activities. Their ultimate goal is to build hope while enabling them to be adults who are contributing members of society, free from government support, who can fulfill their dreams. Contact Bob Westerberg at .

Operation Hope Prison Ministries

Operation Hope Prison Ministry's mission is to provide counseling, tutoring, and mentoring services to the men, women, and children who have been impacted by incarceration. They offer support services to the population to lower recidivism rates and the incidence of first-time offenders among their children, ultimately reducing the crime and violence that threaten neighborhoods and families. Leads programs for men/women inside prisons; lead programs for the juveniles inside Tulsa County jail; lead programs for men and women who have been recently released from prison; lead programs for children of the incarcerated to prevent generational incarceration. Contact Mike Bartlett at

Restore Hope

Serve in the food pantry, chapel service, or volunteer in the nursery with children while parents are being counseled. This ministry works to restore families in financial crisis to economic and spiritual vitality. Contact Jeff Jaynes at  .

Cookson Hills Seed Project

In February of each year, Asbury's Senior Adults collect funds to purchase vegetable seeds for 150 families in the Cookson Hills area of Sequoyah County, Oklahoma. The seeds are given to these families to grow beautiful gardens and produce nourishing food. This project also helps the families to be self-supporting. Senior adults volunteer their time to solicit funds, package the seeds, and place labels on the sacks. Contact Paula Goree for more information. 

Walt Whitman Elementary

Asbury adopted Walt Whitman Elementary in partnership with Tulsa Public Schools. For over ten years, we have volunteered our time and provided prayers, financial support, and love to teachers and students in an underserved community. Volunteers read with students, serve as mentors, tutor, assist in classrooms and the library. Some volunteers eat lunch with students or go on field trips. Additionally, book club, knitting club, and gardening club volunteers have helped Walt Whitman students reach their potential. Providing lunch and snacks for teachers and students is an easy way for Asbury members to show their support. Asbury helps maintain a uniform/clothes closet for the students as well as a food pantry for families in crisis. Wherever we see a need, we step in to help. No special requirements - just a love for children and a desire to serve. For more information: Jana Annett,   or Cathy Carney at .

Grove Elementary

Grove Elementary is a Title I school with 89% of students receiving free breakfast and lunch. It is ethnically very mixed, and many students struggle with English. You can help with any level, kindergarten through 5th grade, from one hour weekly to as much time as you desire. No special skills or teaching experience required. For information, contact Jim Furman, Linda Furman  or Steve Zenthoefer. 

Global Gardens

This is an educational ministry for children from Union 6th & 7th Grade Center. Through hands-on inquiry-based learning, Global Gardens teaches an all-encompassing curriculum that connects the garden with other disciplines and allows students to connect the learning in the garden to both school learning and real-life experiences. Their mission is to empower students in low-income communities to be agents of change in their own lives and communities through hands-on science and peace education. They believe helping students create a garden is a way to not only assist them in learning about science, health, and the environment but also challenge them to become caring, forward-thinking, and confident individuals. Contact Colby Craige at  .

Youth at Heart

Youth at Heart is resuming its after-school tutoring program this fall. It meets every Monday during the Tulsa Public School's school year from 3-5 pm here at Asbury. Youth at Heart's focus is primarily on improving reading and math skills with time reserved every session for some fun and games. We need volunteers who are willing to invest in the lives of these young people. No classroom experience is required—just a caring heart! Please contact Vicki Lewis at (918) 688-9352 to inquire about this valuable program that richly rewards both the students and their tutors. Youth at Heart is one of Asbury's supported local ministries. Make a positive difference in a young person's life!

Thanksgiving Food Baskets

Prepare and deliver food basket for Thanksgiving with 2nd Saturday. Contact Betty Higgins at .

Adopt a Christmas Child

Help collect, sort, and deliver Christmas gifts to families in need, a wonderful seasonal activity for your family. Please contact Lori Fitzgerald.

Adopt a Teacher

Adopt a teacher/support staff for the school year from one of our Partners in Education, Grove Elementary, or Walt Whitman Elementary. Most of the school population is on free or reduced lunch program and any help or support you can provide will be appreciated. Questions? Contact Linda Furman, , or Jana Annett, .

Building All Children

Building All Children’s mission is to make sure that every family is equipped and empowered to improve each child’s development physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Contact  or 918.398.6127.

Balcony Women

Providing a widow with the opportunity to find a community where she belongs and support to restore her hope. Encouraging women of all ages to become women after God’s own heart to fulfill God’s calling to care for His widows. Contact Melissa Phenicie, .

Hope is Alive

Hope is Alive is about radically changing the lives of drug addicts, alcoholics, and those that love them. Finding Hope support group for families is part of Hope is Alive. The group meets at Asbury on the 1st and 3rd Mondays in Room 1901. Contact June Owings, .

Overcoming Job Transition (OJT)

OJT is currently meeting virtually at several sites and times in Tulsa. Contact Dymian Kritikos at .  


Sharehouse is Tulsa County’s primary source for donated furniture and appliances for those in need. Contact Bill Wagner, .