Abba Father

Series: Romans 8

Our readings this week include how Jesus was on mission to find the lost. He described three lost things – a sheep, a coin and a son. We experience anxiety, fear, frustration, disappointment and sadness when something or someone is lost. In particular, the story of the “Prodigal Son” creates a yearning for reunion. The son became a slave to his passions and emotions—what Romans 8:13 describes as living according to the flesh. He was as good as dead. He finally came to his senses and returned home where his father joyfully embraced him. We miss the point if we focus solely on the two boys in the story rather than the father. It really could be called, “The Prodigal Father” because a synonym of “prodigal” is “extravagant.” “Abba Father” is prodigious in His love, acceptance and forgiveness of us, His sons and daughters.

It is terrible to be lost. It is wonderful to be found. Redemption is the theme of the Bible. From Genesis 3 to Revelation 22, God is seeking His lost and wayward children. Once found, He gives us His Spirit to enable us to live in a completely new way. We are never more Christ-like then when we are Helping Others Follow Jesus.

Speaker: James Lambert

October 25, 2020
Romans 8:9-17

James Lambert

Pastor of Adult Discipleship

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