Generous People

Series: The Power of Generosity

Some people in the Bible were poor and some were rich. Jesus observed both. Current studies show poorer people tend to be more generous in giving a proportion of their income than the wealthy. Jesus saw this happen in the Temple and commented about it. Money has a power all its own. It must be dethroned, or it becomes an idol. Jesus said we can’t worship God and money. We must choose who is Lord and who we will serve.

I think most Christians claim they want to be generous but fail for various reasons. Some lack desire; we love other things more than the Lord and give God our leftovers (Malachi 1). Some are afraid we won’t have enough, and the Lord really won’t provide for us. Some lack knowledge and don’t have a good plan of action. Finally, some do not act on the plan they make.

Know. Plan. Do.

Speaker: Daniel Dennison

October 4, 2020
Acts 4:32-37

Daniel Dennison

Executive Pastor

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