Holy Saturday

Series: The Magnificent Story

I have never preached on the topic of “Holy Saturday” but I’m so glad Jim included it in his book (we cover chapter 7 this week). The President of Asbury Theological Seminary, Dr. Tim Tennent (who will speak at Asbury on November 21), wrote a book of meditations on the Apostles’ Creed called “This We Believe.” He writes, “The early Church did not understand the death of Christ on Friday and His resurrection on Sunday as two separate events (as they are often understood and thought of by modern Christians). Rather, they understood the entire drama to unfold as one continuous event. For most Christians, Good Friday and Easter Sunday have great meaning, but we are not so sure how these events are connected by Holy Saturday.

We spend time this week looking at 1 Peter 3:18-22 and the description of Jesus’ descent and proclamation “to the spirits in prison.” There is a reason I have never preached on this text—it is VERY complicated and strange. So, when you hear the sermon, grant some extra grace in its delivery. (In fact, you could extend that grace every Sunday.)

Speaker: Tom Harrison

October 3, 2021
1 Peter 3:18-22

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