Jesus On the Mount of Transfiguration

Series: Mountains, Valleys and Caves

Peter figured out the identity of Jesus: “you are the Christ, the son of the living God.” Jesus responded with stunning news. He would suffer, die, and rise on the third day. Peter, who had done so well earlier, made a rookie mistake when he tried to dictate the rules to Jesus. Jesus was not “nice” in His response. Peter got a serious and public rebuke. Not only would Jesus be put to death, but they would have to take up their crosses and follow Him. However, Jesus also let them in on big surprise. Some would not die until they saw Jesus coming in His kingdom. Then the story of the Mount of Transfiguration follows. The traditional site of the transfiguration is Mount Tabor, but it is probably NOT the actual site. Moses, representing the Law, and Elijah, representing the Prophets, are shown in subordination to Jesus. Jesus is the fulfillment to the Law and the Prophets. Both Moses and Elijah had mountaintop, valley, and cave experiences, too. However, this passage is clear: Jesus is Lord of all.

We see the highs and lows of following Jesus. On the one hand, disciples may suffer and die for their commitment. On the other hand, disciples will experience the glorious kingdom of God for all eternity. Abundant life comes to those who worship the eternal God.

Speaker: Tom Harrison

March 27, 2022
Matthew 17:1-13

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