No More Half Steps

Series: Family Is How We Fight

What if we’re just a half-step away?

What if right on the other side of a step out into trust lies something amazing?

And what if the surest way to delay God’s blessings is to be only half-way obedient?

This Sunday we’re looking at Abraham, whom I love—he’s such a great-hearted man.

But he’s not without flaws. (Who is?)

And Abraham’s failure to trust God causes great harm and delays the amazing blessings God has for him.

(It’s not any different for us.)

What if we resolved to take no more half-steps?

Scripture: Genesis 11:27-12:20

Date: Sunday, October 2 [11:00 AM]

Speaker: Andrew Forrest

October 2, 2022
Genesis 11:27-12:20

Andrew Forrest

Senior Pastor

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