Scripture Corrects Us

Series: Grow Up

Everyone needs correction because we all sin. We are self-centered and self-absorbed. Jesus followers are not immune from egotism and narcissism. We prefer not to hear it, but it benefits us when lovingly told the truth. Scripture is full of some classic reproofs. King Hezekiah was a “good king,” but he was full of pride. He showed off “his” treasures to the enemy and took credit for success that was not his. The consequences were catastrophic for the next generations, but Hezekiah greeted the news with a nonchalant attitude. This is the “Hezekiah Syndrome.”

In chapter seven of his excellent book, “Necessary Endings,” Dr. Henry Cloud describes the three types of people: wise, foolish and evil. Wise people seek reproof and correction. Foolish and evil people avoid responsibility. Adam and Eve, after surrendering to temptation, denied personal responsibility and blamed the serpent, each other, and God.

The Word of God is also profitable for training in righteousness. While reproof and correction are disciplinary, training in righteousness seems more positive. Growing Christians embrace new patterns of attitude and behavior so we can influence more people to follow Jesus.

Speaker: Daniel Dennison

June 20, 2021
2 Timothy 3:10-17

Daniel Dennison

Executive Pastor

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