Scripture is Our Teacher

Series: Grow Up

We all need to learn so we can grow. When we love the subject matter, learning is enjoyable. I’m reminded of the Paul Simon song, “Kodachrome,” when he recalled all the stuff he had to learn in high school and concludes, “… it’s a wonder I can think at all.” I remember intentionally trying to forget the material after some tests in college classes. In my immaturity, I thought it might waste space in my brain. It was trivial information to me. Since it had no application, I was not motivated. My spirit was not teachable in these classes. My attitude was, “What’s the least amount of work I have to do to pass this class?” I believe “Humility is the essential virtue; pride is the essential vice.” A teachable spirit opens doors to growth and opportunity. A teachable spirit unites. It recognizes that: I do not know it all. I need others to help me grow.

Not only do we need to learn, but we also need to teach. This philosophy aligns with our mission statement of Helping Others Follow Jesus. It’s not enough just for us to follow Jesus, but we should be helping others follow, too. We can teach the scriptures to others in a wide variety of ways. Parents have a great opportunity to be teaching their kids. If we don’t teach children God’s Word, they will learn from other things that are often opposed to the teachings and tradition of the Christian faith.

Speaker: Tom Harrison

June 13, 2021
2 Timothy 3:10-17

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