The Widow & the Scribes

Series: Jesus The Contrarian

Jesus was certainly a contrarian with the Pharisees. He condemned their pride and outrageous hypocrisy. He warned people about them and how they “devour widows’ houses.” In contrast, Jesus commended an elderly widow. Being an elderly widow was almost a proverbial statement describing poverty. She would have been living on the thinnest of margins. Two copper coins was a meager gift. This story illustrates how important every gift is in the kingdom. That is a contrary teaching. A child’s small gift or that of a poor person is important because THEY are important. A gift represents someone’s life and affection. Some can give generously (like Barnabas), but we want all to know the joy of giving. We strive for equal sacrifice, not equal gifts, because of the way money shapes the heart. As King David said, “I will not give that which costs me nothing.” Paul described the Macedonians, who were extremely poor, as a great example of generosity. He also commended the Philippians.

Speaker: Tom Harrison

November 14, 2021
Luke 21:1-4

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